A word on pig’s flu

September 15, 2009

The swine flu pandemic is seriously getting more than it deserves now with people all over Kuwait constantly talking about it and the amount of international exposure it’s getting. It does not deserve this much attention.

The flu itself is not actually that dangerous to a healthy human being. Serious cases or deaths only arrive to people with residing illnesses or diseases; the influenza virus does not usually go into such complications, and this one is no different. The majority of the H1N1 strand of influenza cases in Kuwait are dealt with easily, and which at the end of, the patient has no idea that the flu he or she had, was any different from the common cold…

So why is it that people in Kuwait are over complicating things?

And another thing, why let it get that out of hand if it really is getting out of hand in this country?

Am i the only one who believes that enforcing a quarantine on the people infected until they are cured, or by God’s will deceased, is not such a bad idea?

2 Responses to “A word on pig’s flu”

  1. peopleandthingsthatannoyme said

    Perhaps if one of your relatives died, you might change your mind.

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