On the second day of Eid i was pleasantly awoken by a friend of mine at 8am, a group of friends were going out for breakfast in Johnny Rockets at Marina Crescent and he wanted me to attend. The breakfast was amazing, the weather was freezing cold, the rain was smashing down, the air, lands, and sea was wet and it was amazing; the hangout was one of the best.

Afterward i passed by Virgin to have a look at there latest books and music and whilst i was there i heard a cover of Hotel California by what sounded to me like The Killers or at least their lead singer Brandon Flowers. When i got home i Googled it and got the answer, it was.

The song was featured in Rhythms Del Mundo Classics, a collaborative album by various artists of which all the proceedings go to an environmental nonprofit organization Artists Project Earth, which raises public awareness and funds for climate change projects and for disaster relief efforts.

I downloaded it, because that what you do when you find music and i liked a few of the tracks;

#1. Hotel California – The Killers
#9. Runaway – The Zutons
#12. For What It’s Worth – OneRepublic
#14. Beat It – Fall Out Boy & John Mayer
#16. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Shanade

I never really cared for the Beat It cover by FOB; but the whole RDM album has a mexican/latin theme and it changed that a bit.

I also bought a copy of The World According To Clarkson Volume II: “And Another Thing…”, i have the first installment and the third and a few other books, but whenever I’de find the second installment I’de always be either strapped for cash or already reading something else. I bought this one because it was the last copy at Virgin and i didnt want to order it online.

Anyways when i was at Marina Mall and crossing the bridge between the Mall and Marina Crescent i noticed something strange and typical. It had been raining all of last night and all morning but i don’t usually expect to see this in a Mall; the poorly constructed and maintained mall’s bridge’s roof was leaking rain all over the place, and instead of the mall’s management shutting off the half  of the bridge that was covered in water  until maintenance handles it, they used buckets to collect the rainwater. Kinda reminded me about a personal project i wanted to start a few months back critiquing the design, construction, maintenance and the future of B.O.T. project Malls like the 360 Mall, Marina Mall and The Avenues in Kuwait.

This was one of my happiest Eids ever for me, great friends, great family and great food. :) I hope you all had a happy Eid!


I have always found Zaha Hadid’s architectural forms to be inspiring and somehow revolutionary.

And forms like the one in the image above is nothing out of the ordinary from the Architect Zaha Hadid. However, there is something very peculiar about the above “thing’s” function. I made a few friends try to guess the function of this thing, first they all knew it was Hadid’s work just by looking at it but for the function i got the answers; “Stadium”, “Mosque” and “Office Building”. Ladies and gentlemen it is a coffee, tea, milk and something tray set. Basically, its a tea tray, or in Kuwaiti we call it “9eeeiyat chai”. Regardless of it’s redundant functionability and its form, which i think looks spectacular, the price of one of these items will set you back $33’500 (9700KD), but dont think that for this price you will get a one of a kind piece! 99 sets of this tray set will be made and you can be one of the lucky one who gets to buy and use one of these by visiting the link below. It is not exactly my cup of tea so i will stick to my 1/4KD Sook Al-Mahameed tea tray thank you very much!

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Winter 09′

November 22, 2009

Low temperatures + Cold Surfaces + Rain + Low Traction = KEEP THE TRACTION CONTROL ON!  Read the rest of this entry »

Heights & Numbers

November 19, 2009

The video i posted earlier today reminded me of a little curiosity i have with heights and numbers. Or more, whenever i hear of a building’s height i think about how long it would take something to reach the ground when thrown off the top or dropped off of the top of the building. I usually go ahead to calculate the answers using some of the high-school and Physics 101 class from university.

Follow the jump to find out how long it would take you to hit the ground if you throw yourself off Burj Dubai, Burj Al-Hamra, Kuwait Towers or The World Trade Center!
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Source: Video of the Day: View From the Top o’ the World

The NHTSA has just launched a new part of their crash testing program that will test the force of the impact when a car crashes into a lamp post or an equally skinny object.

Ive always wondered if the current side impact crash testing is even remotely related to the impact of a pole in real life and i guess these new tests will regulate future standards and affect the safety designs of car companies in future.

The videos below show the tests preformed on a 2010 Mustang, and 2010 Mustang Convertible. Now ive seen crash test before and even side crash testing, but results like these are a bit alarming. The 2005+ Mustangs have all gotten five star crash rating for driver and passenger frontal and side impacts, as well as rollover performance by the NHTSA but these new tests might show otherwise. Have a look at the video and look at how the chassis reacts, I’m glad its still intact and very stable, the distortion is very minimal compared to what ive seen in real life but I’m guessing the speed they are tested on are a lot slower than what ive seen in real life too.

This will evolve the standards of crash safety greatly. And it looks great too! :P
Videos after the jump!
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Nissan GT-R Police Car

November 19, 2009

Yesterday i heard from a friend of mine who works for the Kuwait Times that the UAE has just acquired 25 Nissan GTRs as part of their police task force. I didnt believe it at first but another friend just dropped me this link on Facebook!

It’s not a wise idea to run from the police in any case, but this is especially true if you’re being chased by the world’s first Nissan GT-R police car.
Entering service with the force in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, this 485-horsepower supercar made its world debut at the recent Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
The iconic Nurburgring-thrashing supercar is one of the fastest cars in the world, holding the record for the fastest four-seat production car in terms of acceleration. It can sprint from zero to 100 kilometres an hour in just 3.5 seconds.
National Post
(Photo: Criminals, beware the mighty law-enforcing Nissan GT-R police car in Abu Dhabi. Credit: Handout)
Read more: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/posteddriving/archive/2009/11/17/world-s-first-nissan-gt-r-police-car-enters-service.aspx#ixzz0XIAtScO1
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It looks disgusting and although it is fast, i think it will remain just a show car because even if the police take it to the streets, its nothing that a Stage-1 GT500 or Z06 cant handle.

Kinda has a Quentin Tarantino style to it. Its pretty funky.

Sony Ericsson S500i

November 13, 2009

Around a year and a half back or so i bought a brand new Sony Ericsson S500i. The phone has been great with me ever since, but lately it has been losing it a bit. When it was brand new it would give me 9 hours talk time and an impossibly long stand-by time, but now it barely gives me 2 hours talk time and a 20 hours stand-by time. And ive already gone through two phone chargers and the second one is now dying on me.  To add to that, the camera doesnt work anymore so if i accidentaly turn it on, the phone crashes and will not restart unless i remove the battery and it has developed a habit of shutting down all functions randomly as well as automatically answering phone calls when im not around. I am now looking for a new phone. Yesterday i went out in search for a 16GB iPhone 3GS, i went to X-Cite, Eureka, Electrozan and the shops at Sharq area. Alghanim, Eureka and Electrozan were all sold out and Electrozan is the only one that wants to re-stock on 16GB 3GSs… The cheapest i found in Sharq was 255KD for an officially unlocked one and i figured it is a lot of money so i want to wait a few days to see if i still want one after I’m calm. Unfortunately i just dropped my humble S500i from a height of around 75cm and its gone crazy… I’m gonna have to think fast.

Sony Ericsson S500i

I dont know if you can tell from the image above, but the time now reads 12:F6PM and the date now reads 32/28/i880! WT-EF?

This is the winning logo of the Kuwait Public Transport Master Plan Study Logo Competition.
I was told the winner’s name is Abdulrahman Al-Khlaifi and he is a freshmen student.
First place was 750KD.
Second place was 500KD.

Thats a long title.

A few weeks back, KASA was contacted by Atkins Consultants for a logo competition being held by them with Kuwait Municipality for the new Kuwait Public Transport Master Plan Study being held by Atkins and Kuwait Baladiya.
The requirements were as follows:

In an effort to encourage the public to get involved with the public transport study, Atkins on behalf of Kuwait Municipality has launched a Logo Design Competition for the Study. Participants are encouraged to design a logo that would identify a future vision for the Kuwait Public Transport Master plan and reflect a multi-modal public transport system which includes buses, metros, monorail etc.

Due to increased interest in Public Transport in Kuwait and public demand, the Logo Design Competition will be extended till the 25th October, 2009.

General Rules:
1. All entrants hereby grant free, unrestricted license to Kuwait Municipality to display logo submissions on its website.
2. Kuwait Municipality have an unlimited right to use the winning logo design for all marketing and promotional purposes, including websites and other such collateral including (but not limited to) printed brochures and newsletters.
3. The winning entrant must provide Kuwait Municipality with all applicable source files, including PSD, AI and/or EPS files. Failure to provide Kuwait Municipality with layered and/or vector-based source files will result in immediate forfeiture.
4. A Maximum of 3 entries per person will be accepted.
5. Participations to be submitted until 25/10/2009. The winning logo shall be announced on the daily newspapers and on the Municipality’s website.

Anyways me and a great friend of mine participated with three logos and came in second place. :)

The Killers

November 6, 2009

The Killers are an American Indie Rock and Roll band. They originated from Las Vegas, Nevada. Their lead singer is Brandon Flowers who also writes the lyrics, plays the keyboard and composes their music, the remaining band members are Dave Keuning on guitar and backup vocals, Mark Stoermer on bass guitar, and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. on drums.

They have released four studio albums:

Hott Fuss (2004)
Sam’s Town (2006)
Sawdust (2007)
Day & Age (2008)

Two good friends of mine recommended their music to me sometime around mid-2006 and they have been my favorite band ever since. I love how their lyrics play out and how they are written. How i cant help but sing along with the song. And especially love how i cant stop my head and limbs from moving to the music. But what drew to me to them most off all was how much i was able to relate to their music, lyrics and songs.

Recommended listens for them:

Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll
Somebody told me
I Can’t Stay
This is your life
Uncle Jonny
Sam’s Town
Midnight Show
Jenny was a friend of mine
All these things that ive done
Under the Gun

Herfy Restaurants

November 5, 2009

Herfy recently opened up in Jabriya, near the Sable branch close to the King Fahad Expressway. According to the wikipedia page:

Herfy is the largest fast food restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest in the Middle East, surpassing major international corporations in terms of local size. It has a total of more than 100 restaurants and 2,000 employees throughout Saudi Arabia. It also has many subsidiaries including Herfy Bakery and a soon to be built meat processing plant. It has been an entirely Saudi-owned company since its inception.

A few weeks back i was recommended it by my brother-in-law, he told me that it tastes exactly the same as Hungry Bunny used to and after giving it a try, i gotta say i don’t remember the way Hungry Bunny tasted too well but i think its pretty close and it tastes great! Apparently, in Saudi Arabia some people are reluctant to eat from Hungry Bunny for its Western name, so Herfy opened up to cater to the hunger needs of these people. Also, i heard that the Herfy franchise in Saudi Arabia wanted to open up a Mr.Baker and some of the other Mr. Baker related shops and wanted to expand Herfy Restaurants to Kuwait. Both owners agreed to exchange franchises and Herfy opened up shop in Jabriya and im guessing they have plans to further expand in future.

Anyways im pretty much addicted to Herfy now… the food tasted great, although value for money is nowhere near MacDonalds or Burger King and Hardees but its worth a try.

I just found this breathtaking short film by Claude Lelouch. Just listening to the sound of that engine gave me goosebumps! I love Ferraris and its videos like this that make me love them even more. Towards the beginning of the video there is an amazing shot from the Ferrari driving up to the Arch of Victory(Arc de Triomphe) at Avenue des Champs-Élysées and the rest of the video is just insane, running red lights and Wide-Open-Throttling in the streets of Paris. Give it a view, car lover or not, the cinematography is worth it. Click this link for the video.

This is what was written on the blog i found it on:

On an August morning in 1976, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris.

No streets were closed, for Lelouch was unable to obtain a permit.
No dialogue, just the squeal of tyres and the roar of the engine. Breathtakingly insane.

I read some of the comments from the website i found it on, and everyone says the car he used was a Mercedes Benz and not a Ferrari but after filming it he dubbed it with the sound of a Ferrari 275 GTB. And that the driver was not a Formula One driver but Claude Lelouch himself. Great video non the less.

Source: http://shortsbay.com/film/cetait-un-rendez-vous

24-Hour Copy Center

November 2, 2009

Every once in a while and during almost every semester, there are moments of immense stupidity. A professor would dictate a specific homework due in on the first day of the coming week and I would either forget to buy the book, notes, or print the slides of the lectures, either way I’m doomed to hell unless I get a copy of whatever it is that I need. The original can be easily obtained, a phone call here and there and a friend usually has it and is willing to join me on a quest to get it photocopied, the photocopier though is another story.

In Kuwait, there used to be two 24-Hour photocopy places, Kinko’s at the Airport and Kinko’s Kuwait City. The airport is roughly 15kms from my house and Sharq is also roughly 15kms from my house, but with a lot more traffic lights, speed camera, customers, and workers with a lot less common sense. As a result, i prefered going go to the Airport Kinko’s for my 24-Hour copying needs but now its closed and the only one that remains is the Sharq Branch.

The Sharq branch always has at least 4+ employees on shift after midnight but they are stunningly incompetent. For the last five or so times I have had to use them, I would walk in and find no customers or maybe 1, never more. But it would still take them no less than half an hour to copy 10 pieces of paper or to print a tiny booklet of PowerPoint slides. You should try it for once, and see how irrelevant there existence is… at one time I even told the man to open up the counter so I could come over and do it myself.

Just last week I went with a friend to photocopy the questions to the homework that would be due in, in a little over 9 hours and it took the man copying the one sheet of paper around 5 minutes to get it done.

I admit that it is my mistake to come at such late hours, but if you are not willing to do your job right, then why do it in the first place? And why open up a “24-Hour” Kinko’s if its going to take you 25 to copy one sheet… Can anyone name a better 24-Hour copy center? Or at least just another one?

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