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40 creative adds for McDonald’s. Unlike Saab, i know McDonald’s tastes great.

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SAAB 9-3X Advert

August 31, 2009

This very creative advert put a smile on my face, enjoy.
The car probably sucks.

A few days back a friend of mine posted a video of this track on my Facebook page, the LaidBack Luke Remix and now im hooked!
Yesterday i downloaded the single and every remix of it and still cant find a favorite.
I am currently downloading the original video by Tiesto And Sneaky Sound System.
Update! You have to watch the original video!

Ive been a big fan of Tiesto ever since my older brother and sister introduced me to his music a few years back.
Nyana and Just Be were the first two albums i heard and ever since ive been a big fan, but lately with Elements of Life Remixes hes slightly lost his touch.
I think Sneaky Sound System provided just the right sound to slap some funk back into Tiesto.

Cant wait to hear Kaleidoscope, according to wikipedia, “The album contains collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Emily Haines of Metric, Tegan and Sara, Jónsi of Sigur Rós, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party, and Calvin Harris among others.” It sounds very promising.

*Right click* Save target as…

Edward Maya – Stereo Love (DJ Ivan Flash Electro Remix)
Edward Maya – Stereo Love (Dj Myeloo & Dj Dark extended mix)

This is an image that shows what it says it shows. Click it to get a closer look.

I cant verify the genuineness of the image and figures shown but i wouldn’t doubt the image.

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Kuwaiti Money

Kuwaiti Money

Last year during the Obama vs. McCain political campaign I got into a heated argument with a colleague of mine on the effect the results of the American presidential elections would have on our small nation, Kuwait. My colleague was quick to point out Obama’s agenda against fossil fuels and what would be the inevitable results of his presidency for the renewable energy race. And I pointed out that his pro-renewable energy attitude would have both a negative and a positive effect on our country if we do chose to prepare for the worst.

It hasn’t been long since Obama’s inauguration, and defiantly much shorter than I expected it to take him, yet he has changed the automotive industry drastically. Following Chevrolet’s file for bankruptcy, the government laid down some ground rules for the company to operate on for the next decade or so. For Chevrolet to gain government financial support, it would have to create a fuel-efficient car that would do at least 200 MPG and become the best selling car in America within the next ten years. For engineers it seemed like a tough challenge, and for us it means nothing but financial instability.

The all-new Chevrolet Volt does 230 MPG, and that’s the first wave in the war against fossil fuels. What is more, Nissan have already ridiculed Chevrolet by hinting at a car they are working on that would give close to 400 MPG. All car companies are researching and implementing technologies that considerably reduce the fuel consumption of their engines; great for us as a consumer, bad for us as producers of fuel.
To put things into perspective for you, average road going cars today do close to 20MPG and the best fuel-efficient car, the Toyota Prius does only 50MPG. My Ford Mustang does 14MPG!! A jump from 20-40mpgs to 200-400mpgs would mean a 90%-95% decrease in fuel consumption. And that my friends would mean a 90%-95% decrease in fuel sales, and ultimately a 90%-95% decrease in fuel prices which inevitably means a 90%-95% decrease in Kuwait’s annual revenue.

Now these numbers are my personal guesstimations (I have a way with shitting considerably accurate guesses and arbitrary calculations), but there is no denying that the effect of a car with an increase in mileage per gallon that significant, would be negative for our economy which thrives on the sky-rocketing prices of black gold.

And it would also be ignorant to assume that the prices of oil are governed through the consumption of petrol in personal cars alone. Crude oil is built up of numerous sediments and when broken down gives a load of other stuff, some bi-products are the petrol and diesel fuels we use to power today’s automobile engines. (Click for details)

Kuwait produces around 2600000bbl/d (Barrels per day) and exports almost 85% of that oil. And its safe to say 70% of the use of crude oil is fuel for transportation, for cars, bikes, trucks, and airplanes. Using these statistics, which are derived from OPEC, and multiplying the average number of barrels produced, by the price of a barrel of oil (Average price forecasted for a year is $82/barrel), we can calculate Kuwait’s earnings to be in the region of 50 million Kuwaiti Dinars a day or $176’300’000/day. Sadly it does not feel like we live in a country with that form of income, I wonder where all that money is going? Hmmmmm.

With all that money going around I almost forgot what my point was.

Surely not today, and indefinitely not tomorrow, but sometime in the distant or maybe near future within our lifetime, the value of crude oil will drop significantly and it will render the existence of our future, tough. That is unless we chose to do something about it.
Our vast and precious desert territory was once redundant in its scorching heat and infertile soil. When seeking a source of income, our ancestors would fish for food, build houses out of mud, fashion boats of wood, dive for pearls, and trade palm dates and pearls for spice, gold, weapons, wood and everything else that was needed by it’s population. This country’s history was built on having an important and strategically located global trade port. Anything that needed to get to Iraq, the Ottoman Empire or the Mediterranean region would have to go through Kuwait. Who could have ever guessed that our futile land would later gave us a precious black liquid that would enable it’s country to become globally significant.

But our land is generous in that it never stops giving, every once in a while they discover new oil fields and gas reserves beneath the ground and areas around our sea. With this land, we possess vast flat fields that I’m sure hold more generosity than the eye can see.

In the race for renewable energy sources, the current placeholders are wind-turbine energy, solar power, nuclear power, tidal energy, wave energy, hydroelectricity, geothermal power and biomass energy. And if we abstract these even further, we can see that nuclear power and biomass energy as well as a few others considered renewable are not actually clean for the environment, but cleaner than what is currently and readily available as long as people choose to use it. This leaves us with solar, wind, tidal, wave, hydroelectric and geothermal power, each run on renewable natural sources. Solar, wind and hydroelectric energy run on energy radiating from the sun, tidal and wave run on the motion of the moon, geothermal on the Earth’s natural heat. I would say that at least solar energy and wind energy are abundant in Kuwait.

I’m not going to suggest we should build solar farms and wind turbines to power our cities because even if we see the age of oil grow old and die, we will always have the oil to burn. And there are many reasons why solar power and wind power are currently very primitive in supplying a constant source of energy, the main reason being that the technology they are composed of is still in it’s early stages; solar cells and photovoltaic’s cannot run in places of a high temperature and humidity and still cannot produce a power supply as significant as burning fossil fuels; they are inferior in efficiency.

Should we choose to join this energy-race, our land, coupled with our brilliant engineers and dedication could be the perfect combination for creating a better and more efficient technology; A superior and advanced renewable energy technology, which we could then sell, to maintain our country’s state of being.

Or you know what? We could just keep pumping out ignorant generations until we eat ourselves out of existence and history. Maybe when all the money is gone we can sell our comedians and politicians for $175’000’000/day. Yeah I’m sure the whole world will find Funoon TV hilarious and entertaining.

Mini Coupe Concept

August 26, 2009

Its Mini’s 50th anniversary since the public debut of Alec Issigonis’ original Mini! And to celebrate they have unveiled their latest creation; A Mini Coupe Concept!
This Concept looks good but i have to say, the little vent thingies on the corners of the rear bumper have to go. I dont think anything has changed in the engine or drivetrain, nothing that i can tell of in the online articles or photographs. It’s still run by a 1.6L I4 with a turbocharger making 211bhp and 197lb.ft of torque, its a great engine, small, powerful and agile. I cant wait to see this thing hit the streets, it is one of the cars i think would look better in real life than in the photographs.

I like Mini, every car they make, aside from the Clubman, i would drive. A whats interesting is Mini is funded, design, built and owner by BMW and every car BMW makes is either a RWD or AWD car. The Mini is the only car they operate that runs on a FWD platform and best of all it was actually designed to feel like a RWD car. Rumors of BMW working on a AWD Mini are gaining momentum, i hope it turns out to be true!

Check out the rest of the photos and details here.

1. Sit in your car endlessly staring into the red light, concentrate on it’s redness and focus your energy on turning it off and making the lights turn green,
2. Question the existence and importance of traffic lights and their very being, try to imagine how horrific the world would be without them and how your life would be effected if you ran the red light,
3. Dig into your nostrils in search for Gold, Myrrh or Frankincense, (very popular amongst our fellow Indian drivers),
4. Flip through every radio station, there may be a great song on any radio station or perhaps even an entertaining comedic program on Marina FM,
5. Check your side mirrors and center mirror, re-align them in an effort to gain a broader view of the world behind you,
6. Shuffle through your iPod for a song you haven’t heard in a while,
7. Plan the remainder of your journey through the streets so as not to get stuck in another boring traffic light,
8. Search your car for lost items, beneath the seats and behind your front seats, I found 41 empty and half full bottles of water once, the next day I found another 13,
9. Curiously look around into neighboring cars at the men, women, boys and girls, you may find someone you know or get a glance at an epically hot women or man, depending on what tickles your fancy,
10. If you are on your way to see someone, give them a call to find out how close they are to you and your allocated destination,
11. Pretend you are in the presence of the Queen Elizabeth; tell her about your ideas on how to make the world a better place,
12. If you are at the front of the lights, stay in first gear anticipating the GO! Signal, as if you are Michael Schumacher in race and are in the pit stops for a quick refuel and tire change,
13. Cuss the fuck out of the guy on your right or left for the fun of it.

! Ramadhan

August 24, 2009

I would like to congratulate you all on the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Vimto. Take your time to enjoy the ridiculous, disrespectful and disgusting comedy of Dawuud Hussain, and the extreme melodramatic tragedies of Hayat AlFahad and her friends. May god bless you all on your way home from work; screaming at jackass drivers as a result of low glucose, nicotine and IQ levels. Have fun shopping for Eid clothes; buy that skimpy dress, shake whatcha mama gave ya honey, you have to get your cousins to swim in envy.

I can’t wait to leave my home for a morning, afternoon, or a night cruise, perhaps even for work related meeting, only to find the streets filled with grumpy people and crushed up cars. And please don’t forget to clog up every street and alley on the last ten days; you know what they say, prayer on the last ten days of Ramadhan equals eternal paradise… + in Ramadhan its cool to pray; don’t be a fag, pray. Park anywhere and everywhere, just not in the Mosque and especially not in parking lots! Fuck paying your respects to the local traffic system; God doesn’t give a shit about civilization on Earth, fuck Earth! As long as you are praying to him in the Grand Holy Mosque, he’s aight.

Ramadhan; late starting and short working hours FTW!

Just last night, 8:50pm I left my home on what I had planned to be a short trip to Kuwait University’s Khaldiya campus. I like to time things perfectly; the plan was to leave home at nine, bolt to Khaldiya and be there by 9:10pm, get the stuff I needed within a 3-4 minute time frame and like a flash of lightning be at the Society of Engineers for their Annual Open Day events by 9:30pm. My personal record, is 7 minutes for the 18km journey from the doorstep of my home to 5KH’s doors in Khaldiya University Campus and was set, half an hour past fotoor during the end of Ramadhan mid-September 2006. On average it doesn’t take me more than 9-12 minutes to complete the driving course. And if I stick by the local government speed limit I can maintain an average speed of approximately 47km/h over the 18km distance, covering traffic light stops, zoning speed limits, sharp corners and humanize driving styles, it should never take me more than 20mins. Unfortunately, as a result of the horrible human behavior during this holy month of Ramadhan; last night, I got to Khaldiya campus at 9:46pm, only to find the doors of 5KH locked shut. (And yes I am that retentive on timing myself.)

On my way, there were two car accidents that rendered the roads completely redundant (one of which wasn’t even on the same road I was) and there were a few police cars parked on the hard shoulder with no form of hullabaloo surrounding them whatsoever, nevertheless people still felt the need to slow down in anticipation of momentary entertainment (it is not clear whether these people were really slowing down to observe the pretty police, their cars and their flashing lights or from fear of obtaining a speeding ticket for doing 120km/h in a 120km/h zone…).

To make matters worse, I was on my way home at 1am, all the roads from the first ring road way towards my house in Salwa were bumper-to-bumper packed! There wasn’t one street that I didn’t have to shift down to 1st gear on, and not one highway I didn’t come to a complete halt in. It was ridiculous.

I fucking hate this month. All it does is make shitty useless human beings even shittier, more dangerous, and reckless!

Would it be too much to ask… for people to act normally? Well not normally, that too much for these retards… i mean like the rest of the year…

For car and bike enthusiasts, the road is a major part of the passion. You can have the fastest, tightest, biggest, smallest or simply the best car in the world, but without a good road to drive it on, it would be completely redundant; because you ultimately will not enjoy it. From living in Kuwait for the past 9 years I have come to the conclusion that I’m not so sure a good driving road exists, or at least maybe not in Kuwait. We make do with a 20-30km or so stretch of tarmac from the end of the 6th Ring Road stretching all the way to lets say the end of the Arabian Gulf Street. It’s filled with potholes, has slow traffic lights and is always jam packed with boys chasing girls, has little to no scenery as most of the waterfront has now been covered up by gigantic trees, gyms, malls, toilets, anything you can think of, but that road is the best we have. I personally love driving the streets alongside the Kuwait University Shwaikh campus; its an old stretch of tarmac, rough and noisy but the road has a great combination of roundabouts and slight bends for a good spirited drive, late at night.

There has been a quest, by the car enthusiast for many years to find the greatest driving road in the world. The Top Gear crew tackled this issue on an episode (Series 10, Episode 1) that aired sometime mid 2007, they drove across Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia in a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a race prepped Aston Martin V8 Vantage attempting to answer the question of “Where is the best driving road in the world?”. They were looking for “something that has everything, the challenging bends, no traffic, great views, long fast straights, the lot.” They quickly decided that the best driving road would be somewhere in Europe around Italy and the Alps and after a few days exploring their choices eventually decided to give the award of the best driving road in the world to the Stelvio Pass; a beautiful, 15 mile stretch of asphalt climbing a valley of the Alps.

Perhaps they were too quick to throw out all of the other options. National Geographic have recently compiled what they call ‘Drives of a Lifetime: The World’s Greatest Scenic Routes’, and they believe this to be a list of the best scenic roads around the world. Now i know National Geographic are not the worlds best biggest lunatics but their choice of roads is sure worth a look at. Have a look HERE.

I can also think of one or two roads friends of mine have brought to my attention but never got the exposure.

The first one is Tail of the Dragon, Deal’s Gap, North Carolina. The photos and stories i have seen and heard about this place make it sound really scary, i would love to fight this road.

And the second is somewhere closer to home, the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in the United Arab Emirates.
I can just imagine the screaming exhaust note of a big V8 echoing off of the hard rock surface of the mountain, and it sounds like fun to me.

Any other great roads come to mind?

Kuwait vs. Civilization

August 20, 2009

In the year 2007, I heard of a statistic conducted by a fellow student in Kuwait University. She studied the working days put down by government municipalities in that year (this includes public and private schools and universities). The results were shocking! And at the same time not that shocking considering the state of the country. I was told, that out of the 365 days in 2007, only 186 of which were workdays. To put that in simpler numbers for you, that’s 50.9%. I sat thinking, if only 186 were official workdays, how many working hours were really conducted?

Average working hours per day for government municipalities are lets say 8am-2pm, so roughly 6 hours a day? Lets leave it at six for the sake of the ones that don’t have to do six by law and the ones that do eight or more.

How many of the public workers are really getting to work at 8am? I myself am late to school almost every other day or sometimes every two days. I’m pretty sure the traffic towards anywhere you are going at 9am means at least half the country is late for work. So lets say most arrive an hour or less late.

How many really stay till 2pm? When I leave from Khaldiya campus at 1pm heading towards my home in Salwa the streets are always jam-packed! Even before I get on the road!! So where are all these people coming from…? As far as I know, Private sector jobs are 9am-5pm jobs, so why so many cars on the road so early? Lets assume half of those are drivers taking kids from school and the other half are government employees skiving off work early to get home early because they are tired.
So we arrive to work an hour late, and some leave an hour early. In a six-hour day that leaves 4 hours for working. I would say an hour or so are spent having breakfast, brunch or chatting to their colleagues and checking their facebook pages.

We are down to 3 hours. Lets multiply 3hours by 5 working days a week; the result is a 15 working-hour week per employee for the average government employee. Its no wonder the country is so backwards.

Now my calculations are just assumptions, and extremely inaccurate but I wouldn’t throw them out of the window just yet. I mean look at our parliament, how long do they spend time arguing unresolved issues that any 10 year old can take care of in 10 minutes? If this country wants to change, it is going to need a stronger, dedicated and patriotic work force, because Rome wasn’t built on a 15hour work-week.

I would love to see the real statistic of Kuwait’s work force and maybe one including and separating the statistics of private sector corporations, but I’m guessing the guy responsible for them is probably one of the lazy patriots…

To wrap things up for you, I’ve included a link to an international study conducted by the BillShrinkGuy showing the working-hours per week of different nations all around the world. Do you see something in common between the rising nations, superpowers and developed civilizations? Do you see what sets us apart from civilization?

God bless Germany for being so efficient.

Glowinthedarkathon Pt4

August 18, 2009

You may remember a few years back, the SUV spinner rims kraze?
A company called PimpStar took that kraze to a whole new level with LED technology; using the LEDs and a bunch of other computer stuff to project images out of their pimped out SUV rims…

I dont know about you, but i think it was majorly cool… if your 12…
Well something didnt stop the twelve year olds from getting laser rims for themselves.

I also saw a few Harleys here in Kuwait that had this… xD
It available HERE if you wanna buy your son or self a new toy for Eid.

Glowinthedarkathon Pt3

August 18, 2009

As you can tell by now, i likes the glow…
I found some work by an artist named Tony Ariawan. Hes a digital artist who’s work ive seen mainly has light and glow drawn figures and typography…
An interesting piece i liked a lot is The Dance.

I like the flow of colour and light in his drawings, really takes the feeling of motion to another level.
Have a look at the rest of his work HERE. I promise you, his stuff is impressive. Especially considering all he uses is Photoshop CS2.
Keep up the great work Tony.

Glowinthedarkathon Pt2

August 18, 2009

Light, is the shit yo!

Ive always wanted to get a tattoo, i figure if they look great, why not use them to make yourself look even better, kinda like ornamentation for your body? Ive heard horror stories about screwed up tattoos, infections, and saggy skin later in life, non of that managed to turn me off. Also heard people telling me about the professionalism of having a tattoo at work, you gotta conceal it blah blah blah or get it somewhere on your body that isnt visible to everybody. But! This latest tattoo ink changes everything…!!! Thats if you’re into glow in the dark stuff like i am.

At first it looks like a regular glowing thing right? Well dont get overly excited, it is, just a glowing tape.
But can you think of uses for this other than the obvious glow stick like parties?
Would be pretty cool to see this as wallpaper.

And it kinda reminds me of this.
Maybe the tape could be used as glow in the dark Foil-A-Car?
Or glow in the dark pin-striping?

A link to the products homepage

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