bumo has an obsession with question marks — he likes stuff and things — he dislikes other stuff and things and he writes on this blog

I am an architecture student currently studying in Kuwait University and in my final year of studies. I like to read and write about art, architecture, design, cars, money, news, music, pop, and pretty much anything that strikes my mind. I have been known to be a harsh critic of almost anything at most times, i like to criticize things i dislike, and sometimes I’m harsher at the things i like.

I also currently the head of printing and publishing, graphics design, and write for a student based architecture magazine from the department of architecture at Kuwait University; T-Square Magazine.


6 Responses to “bumo?”

  1. Abdul-Ghaphor Hajjieh said

    i’m a huge fan of T-Square Mag!

    good work!!!!


  2. Fatima said

    I absolutely loved your article in the Kuwait Times! I honestly can’t agree more with you! Per notion, you should definitely start some sort of campaign in Kuwait towards this! Hope to see more from your work. Good luck :)

    • bumo said

      Thank you :) i have a few more article coming soon, on Friday hopefully one more will be published and maybe the Friday afterward… stay tuned for more :D

  3. dailyintake said

    cool blog, keep the good work!

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