March 7, 2010

A while back i used to use to listen to music, but due to copyright infringements and the related issues Pandora is now only available to selected countries. I also used to use HotSpotShield to access Pandora using an American VPN but lately it just hasn’t been working for me. Which is when a friend informed of about; a music streaming website which is similar to Pandora.

It is really cool, updated by anyone and streams pretty quick with a good quality too! The interface is really simple to use, it looks a little like iTunes and features readily available smart playlists which list the most popular songs and the most recent songs you listened to. You can setup you own playlist and play them in an external widget or even share them with your friends.

They are working on an application for the iPhone which will be great once its out. Every song, at any moment in excellent quality and anywhere. I can’t wait till its out, apparently it has been ready for almost a year but Grooveshark has been awaiting approval from the Apple App Store.

Click this for an image that shows the user interface.
Or give it a try and tell me what you think.


A few days back i was strolling through X-Cite at The Avenues Mall and showing my friend the Beats by Dr.Dre Headphones when i saw the Lady Gaga Heartbeats earphones. This is interesting because on Gaga’s website they are still not available yet. They are priced at 49KD for the white ones and 35KD for the black ones, which is not bad considering they sell for $99.99USD on and $120USD on the beatsbydre website.

I am a big fan of Lady Gaga, and i like the red and white earphones but i don’t think i would buy them or use them. Or maybe that would depend on the sound quality?

Lady Gaga’s Heartbeats earphones Website: Lady Gaga Heartbeats

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