September 30, 2009

Sometime in the past few days i posted about the new GT5 release date. They just released the new advert for GT on the PSP featuring a really cool video of a ZR1 chasing a group of cars around Mazda’s Laguna Seca Race Track! Watch the advert on the embeded youtube video below.

For a while now ive been thinking about getting a portable gaming device. I wanted my old Nintendo GameBoy Color back but thats not exactly going to be as fun as i remember it. I did some research and looked at different platforms, there are a lot of good, new and fun toys out there. I liked the GameBoy Micro for its size and simplicity, and then while i was on ThinkGeek.Com i found the Pocket Retro Game Emulator that looks like a GBmicro but plays alot more games, but im still not sure if i will use it. I mainly want it to emulate the old games i used to play on the Sega Genisis and SNES.

I looked at the Nintendo DSi but i never really played on one and im not too good with touch screens because they kinda piss me off. The next best thing is the Sony PSP and recently the PSP GO! I’v played on the PSP before and the battery life sucks, gaming is cool and the thing does have some pretty cool features but its still not as much fun as i expected it to be. Hopefully things will change when GT on the PSP finaly gets released.

The PSP is priced at $170 and the new PSP Go isnt released yet but the pricing all over the internet is $250. As far as i can tell, the difference is that new new PSP GO doesnt have a UMD drive and has a totally different design. I might do some more readin later on to find out which one is better. I personally prefer how the GO looks to the regular one and i have to admit the sliding screen is not very practical but definately more practical that the length of the regular PSP.

Which one do you think i should get? And Why? And perhaps someone could clarify the differences between the PSP and PSP GO for me?


RIP Polaroid (1948-2009)

September 29, 2009

In February 2008 they announced the production of Polaroid films will cease. The last produced films from Polaroid will expire come 09-10-09. And to commemorate, an exhibition named ‘Polaroid: Exp 09.10.09’ has been setup at the Atlas Gallery in London showcasing some of the best works of Polaroid photography.

I hate to see it go, especially since i still didnt get to own one myself! But apparently it isnt over yet, because a group of camera geeks online have setup a website called for those of us that love the camera so much and they plan to reopen one of the Polaroid factories they have leased in Holland to produce a million Polaroids in 2010.

Flipside Wallet

September 28, 2009

I was just on Uncrate and i found this Flipside wallet. A few months back i was also on Uncrate and found the Dosh Wallet pictured to the right.

And when i found out, a Kuwaiti online shopping website sells it i ordered one from the website. I like it alot.

The Flipside Wallet has an interesting concept, which you can understand from the video i posted after the jump. Actually they both have interesting concepts, apparently the Dosh Wallet was made by an Australian Design firm for surfers and they intended it to be waterproof so surfers could take their wallets with them into the sea or something? Anyways, seeing it now in front of me i know it is nowhere near waterproof and gets dirty very quickly.

Im thinking of getting the Flipside one now, but not for its security, just cuz i have an obsession with the colour orange.

Flipside Wallet’s Website
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BMW Lovos Concept

September 28, 2009

Following BMW’s ingenious GINA Concept car, they have just released the Lovos Concept photos.
I found the GINA concept car to be something truly spectacular, showing profound ingenuity, a very respectable and smart concept and i believe it’s shape shifting form if applied to the automotive industry will produce many unrestricted designs. The way cars are put together today doesnt really call for a strong exoskeleton, and as such, maybe dont even need one? Most cars use an internal welded chassis or a combination of a monocoque chassis and a stronger internal one with crumple zones and little flexibility under strong physical forces. This GINA system would allow cars to have a strong internal chassis and an independently designed external shell, meaning, an unprecedented number of cars can have the exact same chassis but a completely different form and overall external aesthetics.

The Lovos is equally if not increasingly inspiring, however, completely different! And when i first saw the photo it instantly hit me, the flaps are air brakes, and possibly photovoltaics? And i was right.

I love the direction BMW is taking in automotive design aesthetic form experimentation, they are the only company i can think of out there today pushing the boundaries of automotive design in terms of ingenuity.

It made me wonder what kind of applications it would have into architecture and reminded me of the shape shifting exterior facade designed by FLARE FACADE. I always wondered why Flare Facade never thought of combining their shape shifting forms with Photovoltaics for sustainable applications…. Maybe they can be inspired to do so after seeing the Lovos. Or maybe i should do one myself?

AutoBlog Lovos Article and Photos
AutoBlog BMW GINA Article

Best of the 2000’s

September 28, 2009

A few weeks back i posted a compiled list that Complex made for The best Sneakers of the 2000’s. They plan to make lists for the best, Movies, Albums, Sneakers, Girls, Internet videos, T-Shirts, TV Shows, Sports Moments, Video Games, Style Trends, Songs, Books and Brands. Although i dont completely agree with their top 100 picks, its a good look back the accomplishments of the 2000’s.

The latest list is The top 100 movies. And im looking forward to the Books, Songs, Style Trends, T-Shirts and Brands!

The Adventures of RoboGRRL

September 28, 2009

Fresh of the boat is this Black stripes on black body fully modified and fully tuned 2008 Shelby GT500. My friend has just got his car, and after pushing his Toyota Supra well above 1000rwhp hes decided to sell this beast and remain faithful to his Supra.

This car has been feature on the cover of Fast Ford and belongs to Lethal Performance.
You can find a written article about it here.
And below you will find the video of it running a 10 second quarter mile a the drag strip.

It has 16’000kms on the clock and the owner wants 17’000KD for it. I think it is a bargain considering another friend five minutes earlier told me about a 2007 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 with less parts and less significance, more KMs on the clock and for the same price.

If you are interested hit me with a comment, but hurry up, because cars like these dont stick around for long.

I just parked at Galleria 2000 in Salmiya and the guy parked on my right had chosen to take a space and a half for his beloved Nissan Altima, regardless, i managed to park between the two cars and walked into the Mall cursing Nissan for selling cars to such idiots. People who cant park seriously get on my nerves.

Shineboxprint has come up with a solution to vent your stress. Parking tickets, which you can leave on the car of the idiot to give them a little bit of advice.

They are available here. Check them out, they are entertaining. The book comes with 20 tickets and costs $7.

Im thinking of getting one to vent some of my own stress… keying a car doesnt quite seem right to me.

Autoblog just posted an update to the Gran Turismo 5 release date, its been delayed till March 2010 in Japan. Which does mean we dont get the international copy until months after wards. :(

But they have also released new details. The game will feature Nascar and damage rendering.

The shots from the renderings of the game are spectacular!
Check them out here!


September 25, 2009

Around a week or two back i sent a few of my published articles over to the editors at Kuwait Times because i am interested in writing for them. They got back to me a few days later after they had read them and asked me to write one specifically for them. I sent it over and they liked it and agreed to publish it. And yesterday, Thursday 24th September 2009 it got published on the bottom left side of the 5th page!

They did some minor editing to the article, nothing major and they didn’t change anything of the content but they actually made it sound a great deal nicer than i originally wrote it.

On Wednesday i heard that the new Porsche 911 Sport Classic is now available in Kuwait.

I think this 911 is the rarest of them all, and the man in the video will explain to you why. From what my friend told me, it is selling for 57’000KD at the Porsche Behbehani Dealership. A price i think is high for what is pretty much a regular Carerra S with an exhaust, bodykit and a redone interior, but low for a 1/250 car.

I might go have a look at the car in real life at the Behbehani Dealership and take some shots.

Click this for a detailed list of all the specialties.

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For Crying Out Loud!

I just picked up a copy of this book from Virgin. It is published by Puffin Books and is a compilation of Clarkson’s Sunday Times Column and well worth a read. My cousin got me the first installment of the series a few years back and i really enjoyed it. His writings almost have nothing to do with cars, or at least most of the time. He focuses on day to day events and activities and some British politics and a bit of stuff from here and there. Actually he doesnt focus on anything, but its entertaining.

He has a different approach to things, and the sequence of events he describes sometimes seems random but oddly enough he always has a strong and significant point.

I got through the first 100 pages or so in one sitting, its hilarious and smart. And i even went back yesterday to buy his other books; ‘Dont Stop Me Now’, which was sold out by the time i got there and ‘Born to be Riled’. And i also discovered that they are having a Buy 1 Get 1 free sale on the Puffin Books. Give it a read and tell me what you think.

My new RYZ’s arrived

September 24, 2009

A few months back i posted shots of RYZ’s The Creep designed by Caveman. And for a while now ive been looking for something similar in custom shoes. For Eid i ordered a pair, they arrived this morning, a little short of Eid but its cool.

I was worried they wouldn’t fit my feet! I got the largest size, which is my size, 11.5US. But the problem is, shoe size differs between different brands, i even have two identical pairs of Reeboks both size 11.5, one is extremely painful and one is perfect, come to think of it, all my size 11.5 Reeboks are perfect except that one navy blue one. And ive only ever found one pair of Converse that fit my feet and they were a tight size 11.5.

Anyways i tried them on and for starters it feels like the things were made for my exact feet, perfect fit, and i mean perfect, and they are really comfy.

I am definitely buying another pair or more.

Update: My brother-in-law just informed of something i never notice and hence never mentioned. These shoes are Limited Editions; and i got #86 of 292! :D


September 23, 2009

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Mini Cooper Car Wraps by TCH

September 20, 2009

When it comes to car customization, i like to stick within the boundaries of traditional modifications; go faster racing stripes on a muscle car, super stripes on a Mustang, nice, clean and simple deep dish rims/wheels, fat tires, minor touches on the interior with a little paint here and there and maybe a simple and elegant bodykit. Nothing to extreme. And nothing out of the ordinary.

But some cars ask for more, Like the Mini Cooper. When it comes to customizing a Cooper, there is no limit.

Over at TheCoolHunter.Com, they have released some illustration showing

Mini Cooper Car Wraps by TCH

I really like these, my faves would have to be the Pink Floyd wrap, and the pixelated one on the bottom left.

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