4×4=12 – Deadmau5

January 5, 2011

Now playing @Deadmau5‘s new album entitles 4×4=12.

Its a little bit different to what ive heard for him in the past but still fresh and stunning. Best bass sounds ive heard in a pretty long time.



March 7, 2010

A while back i used to use Pandora.com to listen to music, but due to copyright infringements and the related issues Pandora is now only available to selected countries. I also used to use HotSpotShield to access Pandora using an American VPN but lately it just hasn’t been working for me. Which is when a friend informed of about Grooveshark.com; a music streaming website which is similar to Pandora.

It is really cool, updated by anyone and streams pretty quick with a good quality too! The interface is really simple to use, it looks a little like iTunes and features readily available smart playlists which list the most popular songs and the most recent songs you listened to. You can setup you own playlist and play them in an external widget or even share them with your friends.

They are working on an application for the iPhone which will be great once its out. Every song, at any moment in excellent quality and anywhere. I can’t wait till its out, apparently it has been ready for almost a year but Grooveshark has been awaiting approval from the Apple App Store.

Click this for an image that shows the user interface.
Or give it a try and tell me what you think.

A few days back i was strolling through X-Cite at The Avenues Mall and showing my friend the Beats by Dr.Dre Headphones when i saw the Lady Gaga Heartbeats earphones. This is interesting because on Gaga’s website they are still not available yet. They are priced at 49KD for the white ones and 35KD for the black ones, which is not bad considering they sell for $99.99USD on bestbuy.com and $120USD on the beatsbydre website.

I am a big fan of Lady Gaga, and i like the red and white earphones but i don’t think i would buy them or use them. Or maybe that would depend on the sound quality?

Lady Gaga’s Heartbeats earphones Website: Lady Gaga Heartbeats

The Bravery is a New York based American Indie Rock band. I was first introduced to them a few years back and i really liked their music.
Ive liked all of their albums and the latest one is no different.

Stir the Blood was released December 1st 2009 and features one or two singles.
I’m stuck on Track #4. Hatefuck

On the second day of Eid i was pleasantly awoken by a friend of mine at 8am, a group of friends were going out for breakfast in Johnny Rockets at Marina Crescent and he wanted me to attend. The breakfast was amazing, the weather was freezing cold, the rain was smashing down, the air, lands, and sea was wet and it was amazing; the hangout was one of the best.

Afterward i passed by Virgin to have a look at there latest books and music and whilst i was there i heard a cover of Hotel California by what sounded to me like The Killers or at least their lead singer Brandon Flowers. When i got home i Googled it and got the answer, it was.

The song was featured in Rhythms Del Mundo Classics, a collaborative album by various artists of which all the proceedings go to an environmental nonprofit organization Artists Project Earth, which raises public awareness and funds for climate change projects and for disaster relief efforts.

I downloaded it, because that what you do when you find music and i liked a few of the tracks;

#1. Hotel California – The Killers
#9. Runaway – The Zutons
#12. For What It’s Worth – OneRepublic
#14. Beat It – Fall Out Boy & John Mayer
#16. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Shanade

I never really cared for the Beat It cover by FOB; but the whole RDM album has a mexican/latin theme and it changed that a bit.

I also bought a copy of The World According To Clarkson Volume II: “And Another Thing…”, i have the first installment and the third and a few other books, but whenever I’de find the second installment I’de always be either strapped for cash or already reading something else. I bought this one because it was the last copy at Virgin and i didnt want to order it online.

Anyways when i was at Marina Mall and crossing the bridge between the Mall and Marina Crescent i noticed something strange and typical. It had been raining all of last night and all morning but i don’t usually expect to see this in a Mall; the poorly constructed and maintained mall’s bridge’s roof was leaking rain all over the place, and instead of the mall’s management shutting off the half  of the bridge that was covered in water  until maintenance handles it, they used buckets to collect the rainwater. Kinda reminded me about a personal project i wanted to start a few months back critiquing the design, construction, maintenance and the future of B.O.T. project Malls like the 360 Mall, Marina Mall and The Avenues in Kuwait.

This was one of my happiest Eids ever for me, great friends, great family and great food. :) I hope you all had a happy Eid!

Kinda has a Quentin Tarantino style to it. Its pretty funky.

The Killers

November 6, 2009

The Killers are an American Indie Rock and Roll band. They originated from Las Vegas, Nevada. Their lead singer is Brandon Flowers who also writes the lyrics, plays the keyboard and composes their music, the remaining band members are Dave Keuning on guitar and backup vocals, Mark Stoermer on bass guitar, and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. on drums.

They have released four studio albums:

Hott Fuss (2004)
Sam’s Town (2006)
Sawdust (2007)
Day & Age (2008)

Two good friends of mine recommended their music to me sometime around mid-2006 and they have been my favorite band ever since. I love how their lyrics play out and how they are written. How i cant help but sing along with the song. And especially love how i cant stop my head and limbs from moving to the music. But what drew to me to them most off all was how much i was able to relate to their music, lyrics and songs.

Recommended listens for them:

Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll
Somebody told me
I Can’t Stay
This is your life
Uncle Jonny
Sam’s Town
Midnight Show
Jenny was a friend of mine
All these things that ive done
Under the Gun

If you are anything like me and like to have all of the songs in your iPod organized correctly then you understand how much time is wasted doing so. A while back i got into the habit of naming files as soon as i copy them to my iTunes application and i have set that to automatically organize my files but i still have tons of unorganized music from the days when i was too lazy and less obsessed. To keep the album artworks tidy and correct i use Fetch Art, which is a program that automatically finds the artworks of the songs highlighted in iTunes and downloads them off Amazon.Com and i cant remember the name of the other program i use for lyrics but there are loads of those around.

There is now a new Mac only program named Pollux that organizes your music for you, it analyzes the music track and updates the album art, lyrics, names, etc. Im going to give it a try as soon as i get home and hopefully it will rename all the uncorrected songs i have.

According to LifeHacker.Com: “Mac OS X only: Free beta application Pollux analyzes the audio fingerprint of tracks in your music library and corrects the song’s title, artist, album, art, lyrics, and more. It’s simple to use and it works very well.”

Read the LifeHacker.Com article for details and for a link to the download page: Pollux Automatically Cleans and Tags Your iTunes Library

Kaleidoscope – Tiesto

September 16, 2009

A few weeks back i posted Tiesto’s – I will be here, his latest single made with Sneaky Sound System.
Yesterday a friend of mine told me the promo CD to Kaleidoscope leaked onto the internet. I just finished downloading it off ThePirateBay.Org and am having a first listen right now.

Im glad hes back! And it sounds great so far!

Song to listen to:

1. Kaleidoscope Feat Jonsi
2. Century Feat Calvin Harris
5. La Rida
8. Louder than boom
12. I Will Be Here Feat Sneaky Sound System!!

Update: After giving it a good long listen i have to say the album is much better than i anticipated. With many tracks featuring some of Tiesto’s older style and rhythm. But i have to say its obvious Tiesto was high on Mario Mushrooms when he recorded this because the whole thing features loads of 8-bit techno tunes.

A few days back a friend of mine posted a video of this track on my Facebook page, the LaidBack Luke Remix and now im hooked!
Yesterday i downloaded the single and every remix of it and still cant find a favorite.
I am currently downloading the original video by Tiesto And Sneaky Sound System.
Update! You have to watch the original video!

Ive been a big fan of Tiesto ever since my older brother and sister introduced me to his music a few years back.
Nyana and Just Be were the first two albums i heard and ever since ive been a big fan, but lately with Elements of Life Remixes hes slightly lost his touch.
I think Sneaky Sound System provided just the right sound to slap some funk back into Tiesto.

Cant wait to hear Kaleidoscope, according to wikipedia, “The album contains collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Emily Haines of Metric, Tegan and Sara, Jónsi of Sigur Rós, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party, and Calvin Harris among others.” It sounds very promising.

*Right click* Save target as…

Edward Maya – Stereo Love (DJ Ivan Flash Electro Remix)
Edward Maya – Stereo Love (Dj Myeloo & Dj Dark extended mix)

St. Vincent

August 8, 2009

I have problems sleeping.

And last nigh decided to turn on the tv in an attempt to fall asleep of boredom…

I turned on the David Letterman show and there was an interview with Raymond Romano from Everybody Loves Ray. Shortly afterwards there was a live performance for a musician named ‘St. Vincent’. I liked what i was hearing, i googled her name… the song she played was ‘Marrow’.

St. Vincent is an Indie Pop musician. Give it a go, i downloaded her last two albums and giving them a listen now.

I have a love for orchestrated music and musicians that use brass, wind, and string instruments in their music, as well as the piano. But my favorite has got to be the trumpet. I especially liked her facial expressions during the performance… they were intriguing.

I likes. Listening to her albums now, repetitive. I still likes.

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