I have always found Zaha Hadid’s architectural forms to be inspiring and somehow revolutionary.

And forms like the one in the image above is nothing out of the ordinary from the Architect Zaha Hadid. However, there is something very peculiar about the above “thing’s” function. I made a few friends try to guess the function of this thing, first they all knew it was Hadid’s work just by looking at it but for the function i got the answers; “Stadium”, “Mosque” and “Office Building”. Ladies and gentlemen it is a coffee, tea, milk and something tray set. Basically, its a tea tray, or in Kuwaiti we call it “9eeeiyat chai”. Regardless of it’s redundant functionability and its form, which i think looks spectacular, the price of one of these items will set you back $33’500 (9700KD), but dont think that for this price you will get a one of a kind piece! 99 sets of this tray set will be made and you can be one of the lucky one who gets to buy and use one of these by visiting the link below. It is not exactly my cup of tea so i will stick to my 1/4KD Sook Al-Mahameed tea tray thank you very much!

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This is the winning logo of the Kuwait Public Transport Master Plan Study Logo Competition.
I was told the winner’s name is Abdulrahman Al-Khlaifi and he is a freshmen student.
First place was 750KD.
Second place was 500KD.

Thats a long title.

A few weeks back, KASA was contacted by Atkins Consultants for a logo competition being held by them with Kuwait Municipality for the new Kuwait Public Transport Master Plan Study being held by Atkins and Kuwait Baladiya.
The requirements were as follows:

In an effort to encourage the public to get involved with the public transport study, Atkins on behalf of Kuwait Municipality has launched a Logo Design Competition for the Study. Participants are encouraged to design a logo that would identify a future vision for the Kuwait Public Transport Master plan and reflect a multi-modal public transport system which includes buses, metros, monorail etc.

Due to increased interest in Public Transport in Kuwait and public demand, the Logo Design Competition will be extended till the 25th October, 2009.

General Rules:
1. All entrants hereby grant free, unrestricted license to Kuwait Municipality to display logo submissions on its website.
2. Kuwait Municipality have an unlimited right to use the winning logo design for all marketing and promotional purposes, including websites and other such collateral including (but not limited to) printed brochures and newsletters.
3. The winning entrant must provide Kuwait Municipality with all applicable source files, including PSD, AI and/or EPS files. Failure to provide Kuwait Municipality with layered and/or vector-based source files will result in immediate forfeiture.
4. A Maximum of 3 entries per person will be accepted.
5. Participations to be submitted until 25/10/2009. The winning logo shall be announced on the daily newspapers and on the Municipality’s website.

Anyways me and a great friend of mine participated with three logos and came in second place. :)

Custom things II

October 31, 2009

There is another custom sneaker provider; JGoods Custom Sneaker Company.

Here is a link to their custom sneaker gallery. Click each shoe separately and check out the prices, crazy expensive.

The Nike Air Force 1 “Hexachrome” featured above hand-painted custom shoe has and Estimated Retail price of $1500.

But the cool thing is they have a cheap JGoods™ Sneaker Customization Kit for $45. :)

The 99 Percent

October 16, 2009

Flavorwire is becoming one of my favorite sites ever. I found this really interesting website called The99% on it. Daily Dose Pick: The 99% Read the Flavorwire.Com post about it for more info or click the link below. I didn’t watch the videos but i did read through a few of their posts and they bring up some interesting design applications.



September 30, 2009

Sometime in the past few days i posted about the new GT5 release date. They just released the new advert for GT on the PSP featuring a really cool video of a ZR1 chasing a group of cars around Mazda’s Laguna Seca Race Track! Watch the advert on the embeded youtube video below.

For a while now ive been thinking about getting a portable gaming device. I wanted my old Nintendo GameBoy Color back but thats not exactly going to be as fun as i remember it. I did some research and looked at different platforms, there are a lot of good, new and fun toys out there. I liked the GameBoy Micro for its size and simplicity, and then while i was on ThinkGeek.Com i found the Pocket Retro Game Emulator that looks like a GBmicro but plays alot more games, but im still not sure if i will use it. I mainly want it to emulate the old games i used to play on the Sega Genisis and SNES.

I looked at the Nintendo DSi but i never really played on one and im not too good with touch screens because they kinda piss me off. The next best thing is the Sony PSP and recently the PSP GO! I’v played on the PSP before and the battery life sucks, gaming is cool and the thing does have some pretty cool features but its still not as much fun as i expected it to be. Hopefully things will change when GT on the PSP finaly gets released.

The PSP is priced at $170 and the new PSP Go isnt released yet but the pricing all over the internet is $250. As far as i can tell, the difference is that new new PSP GO doesnt have a UMD drive and has a totally different design. I might do some more readin later on to find out which one is better. I personally prefer how the GO looks to the regular one and i have to admit the sliding screen is not very practical but definately more practical that the length of the regular PSP.

Which one do you think i should get? And Why? And perhaps someone could clarify the differences between the PSP and PSP GO for me?

Flipside Wallet

September 28, 2009

I was just on Uncrate and i found this Flipside wallet. A few months back i was also on Uncrate and found the Dosh Wallet pictured to the right.

And when i found out Krayv.com, a Kuwaiti online shopping website sells it i ordered one from the Krayvstore.com website. I like it alot.

The Flipside Wallet has an interesting concept, which you can understand from the video i posted after the jump. Actually they both have interesting concepts, apparently the Dosh Wallet was made by an Australian Design firm for surfers and they intended it to be waterproof so surfers could take their wallets with them into the sea or something? Anyways, seeing it now in front of me i know it is nowhere near waterproof and gets dirty very quickly.

Im thinking of getting the Flipside one now, but not for its security, just cuz i have an obsession with the colour orange.

Flipside Wallet’s Website
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BMW Lovos Concept

September 28, 2009

Following BMW’s ingenious GINA Concept car, they have just released the Lovos Concept photos.
I found the GINA concept car to be something truly spectacular, showing profound ingenuity, a very respectable and smart concept and i believe it’s shape shifting form if applied to the automotive industry will produce many unrestricted designs. The way cars are put together today doesnt really call for a strong exoskeleton, and as such, maybe dont even need one? Most cars use an internal welded chassis or a combination of a monocoque chassis and a stronger internal one with crumple zones and little flexibility under strong physical forces. This GINA system would allow cars to have a strong internal chassis and an independently designed external shell, meaning, an unprecedented number of cars can have the exact same chassis but a completely different form and overall external aesthetics.

The Lovos is equally if not increasingly inspiring, however, completely different! And when i first saw the photo it instantly hit me, the flaps are air brakes, and possibly photovoltaics? And i was right.

I love the direction BMW is taking in automotive design aesthetic form experimentation, they are the only company i can think of out there today pushing the boundaries of automotive design in terms of ingenuity.

It made me wonder what kind of applications it would have into architecture and reminded me of the shape shifting exterior facade designed by FLARE FACADE. I always wondered why Flare Facade never thought of combining their shape shifting forms with Photovoltaics for sustainable applications…. Maybe they can be inspired to do so after seeing the Lovos. Or maybe i should do one myself?

AutoBlog Lovos Article and Photos
AutoBlog BMW GINA Article


September 23, 2009

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Mini Cooper Car Wraps by TCH

September 20, 2009

When it comes to car customization, i like to stick within the boundaries of traditional modifications; go faster racing stripes on a muscle car, super stripes on a Mustang, nice, clean and simple deep dish rims/wheels, fat tires, minor touches on the interior with a little paint here and there and maybe a simple and elegant bodykit. Nothing to extreme. And nothing out of the ordinary.

But some cars ask for more, Like the Mini Cooper. When it comes to customizing a Cooper, there is no limit.

Over at TheCoolHunter.Com, they have released some illustration showing

Mini Cooper Car Wraps by TCH

I really like these, my faves would have to be the Pink Floyd wrap, and the pixelated one on the bottom left.

things – Part 1

September 17, 2009


September 9, 2009

In the department of Architecture at Kuwait University, for a while now KASA have hung motivational quotations for the students to read while passing by. It is entertaining, even if like me, you don’t agree with them most of the time.

While researching new motivational slogans and quotations for the coming year, I stumbled upon a website archiving the many ridiculous design rules we hear throughout our education and read in books and hear from the mouths of architects. I found the website; simply named RidiculousDesignRules.com entertaining and somewhat beneficial. Its still not clear whether we will or will not use there rules in the department yet but here are a few I liked:

Power is nothing without ctrl+z

A giraffe is a horse designed by a committee

It’s easier to convince the client to like your design, then to design something your client will like

Design is not a democracy

Shine a light on it and call it art

‘The box’ is inside out

‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’ (Picasso)

Whoever says being pretty is not a function?

Art is expression, design is communication.

Make one stupid detail important, then ask your client his opinion. That gives him the feeling that he is the one who decides.

Measure twice, cut once

Don’t try to be original, just try to be good

Break the rules


September 2, 2009

Last year i spent a great deal of time with a friend of mine searching for the many different forms of graffiti art/vandalism all over Kuwait, for his graduation thesis he studied the styles and buildings surrounding them. To our surprise, when we became aware of its existence in Kuwait, by simple looking around at almost any traffic intersection we could find some paint sprayed on a wall. And after a while we could identify graffiti gangs, artists, imitators, styles, and paint types. By simply observing this art from a distance we learned a great deal about it.

Two days ago i stumbled upon this and thought ide share it on this blog.
S.F. Street Art Mecca to be Demolished in September

I find abandoned complexes and structures oddly calming and tranquil, maybe its the absence of humans? Its slightly saddening to see this place get torn down.
We have a small place in front of Salmiya Palace and AUK on Salim Al-Mubarak Street with a similar atmosphere, an old primary school built sometime during the 70s. Other than the school’s current graffiti, it’s architecture is actually pretty cool and although it’s no where near as big as the S.F. place, its well worth a site if your into anything human. The location has been fenced off and is about to be demolished, but that shouldnt stop the creatives. I will search my hard drives for any photographs i may have of the Salmiya school complex.

Now that they are tearing the Salmiya place down, i wonder where the vandals will move to?

James May’s Big LEGO House

September 2, 2009

Around the 27th of July, Top Gear presenter James May’s announced that he will attempt to build a life-sized LEGO house for his upcoming television series about toys. On the first of September The Daily Mail released an article detailing May’s progress and events that will be surrounding the house.
Who lives in a house like this? James May to stay in the world’s first house made entirely from Lego

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