The 99 Percent

October 16, 2009

Flavorwire is becoming one of my favorite sites ever. I found this really interesting website called The99% on it. Daily Dose Pick: The 99% Read the Flavorwire.Com post about it for more info or click the link below. I didn’t watch the videos but i did read through a few of their posts and they bring up some interesting design applications.



RIP Polaroid (1948-2009)

September 29, 2009

In February 2008 they announced the production of Polaroid films will cease. The last produced films from Polaroid will expire come 09-10-09. And to commemorate, an exhibition named ‘Polaroid: Exp 09.10.09’ has been setup at the Atlas Gallery in London showcasing some of the best works of Polaroid photography.

I hate to see it go, especially since i still didnt get to own one myself! But apparently it isnt over yet, because a group of camera geeks online have setup a website called for those of us that love the camera so much and they plan to reopen one of the Polaroid factories they have leased in Holland to produce a million Polaroids in 2010.

Mini Cooper Car Wraps by TCH

September 20, 2009

When it comes to car customization, i like to stick within the boundaries of traditional modifications; go faster racing stripes on a muscle car, super stripes on a Mustang, nice, clean and simple deep dish rims/wheels, fat tires, minor touches on the interior with a little paint here and there and maybe a simple and elegant bodykit. Nothing to extreme. And nothing out of the ordinary.

But some cars ask for more, Like the Mini Cooper. When it comes to customizing a Cooper, there is no limit.

Over at TheCoolHunter.Com, they have released some illustration showing

Mini Cooper Car Wraps by TCH

I really like these, my faves would have to be the Pink Floyd wrap, and the pixelated one on the bottom left.


September 9, 2009

In the department of Architecture at Kuwait University, for a while now KASA have hung motivational quotations for the students to read while passing by. It is entertaining, even if like me, you don’t agree with them most of the time.

While researching new motivational slogans and quotations for the coming year, I stumbled upon a website archiving the many ridiculous design rules we hear throughout our education and read in books and hear from the mouths of architects. I found the website; simply named entertaining and somewhat beneficial. Its still not clear whether we will or will not use there rules in the department yet but here are a few I liked:

Power is nothing without ctrl+z

A giraffe is a horse designed by a committee

It’s easier to convince the client to like your design, then to design something your client will like

Design is not a democracy

Shine a light on it and call it art

‘The box’ is inside out

‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’ (Picasso)

Whoever says being pretty is not a function?

Art is expression, design is communication.

Make one stupid detail important, then ask your client his opinion. That gives him the feeling that he is the one who decides.

Measure twice, cut once

Don’t try to be original, just try to be good

Break the rules

One of the websites i regularly visit is, and a few days back one of their Pic of the Day’s was this.

Pic of the Day: Those Are Drew Barrymore’s Chucks

And im a major fan of Drew Barrymore!

Ive been looking for a photography project to take on in the next few months and Time Out New York’s project inspired me. Ive decided sometime within the next month, i will go out and buy a few disposable cameras and endlessly take photographs.

I took two photography classes in college, the first was comprised of a manual SLR photography class, we learned how to take a photograph, develop the films, develop the photographs and print them. It was very exciting as you would never know how the photo would end up after printing, i developed my own film and paper developing techniques and time saving methods. The second class i took was of course Photography 2, but around 3 years after Photography 1, and that focused of digital SLR photography, and i have to admit, somewhere along the way, the excitement was lost in translation. I gained extensive skills in photo framing and advanced development techniques but the overall result was less striking than photography one.

I want something that will bring a little excitement back into photography for me. I still have my SLR film camera, but the photo developing room at the university has been torn down and i can no longer spend extensive time developing film and printing photos by myself in a dark room. I also spent a great deal of time researching types of cameras, large format, medium format, pinhole, spy cameras, but all of which were extremely unfeasible on my budget. I looked around for Polaroid cameras, the local dealer no longer stocked the cameras or film. The next best thing i believe would be disposable cameras! Not to find a place in Kuwait that still sells them.

Glowinthedarkathon Pt5

September 3, 2009

In the nocturnal world of light photography i have seen many amazing photographs. What some people can do with light using a slow shutter and great imaginations is simple incredible.

Yesterday The Daily Mail Online posted the images following the link. And the article begins, “The name light graffiti struggles to do these displays justice.

Pictured: The incredible light graffiti created as a host of lamps are shone straight at the camera lens

I couldn’t agree more, some of these photographs are simply stunning.
I’m in love with the colours on that street fighter photograph.


September 2, 2009

Last year i spent a great deal of time with a friend of mine searching for the many different forms of graffiti art/vandalism all over Kuwait, for his graduation thesis he studied the styles and buildings surrounding them. To our surprise, when we became aware of its existence in Kuwait, by simple looking around at almost any traffic intersection we could find some paint sprayed on a wall. And after a while we could identify graffiti gangs, artists, imitators, styles, and paint types. By simply observing this art from a distance we learned a great deal about it.

Two days ago i stumbled upon this and thought ide share it on this blog.
S.F. Street Art Mecca to be Demolished in September

I find abandoned complexes and structures oddly calming and tranquil, maybe its the absence of humans? Its slightly saddening to see this place get torn down.
We have a small place in front of Salmiya Palace and AUK on Salim Al-Mubarak Street with a similar atmosphere, an old primary school built sometime during the 70s. Other than the school’s current graffiti, it’s architecture is actually pretty cool and although it’s no where near as big as the S.F. place, its well worth a site if your into anything human. The location has been fenced off and is about to be demolished, but that shouldnt stop the creatives. I will search my hard drives for any photographs i may have of the Salmiya school complex.

Now that they are tearing the Salmiya place down, i wonder where the vandals will move to?

Glowinthedarkathon Pt3

August 18, 2009

As you can tell by now, i likes the glow…
I found some work by an artist named Tony Ariawan. Hes a digital artist who’s work ive seen mainly has light and glow drawn figures and typography…
An interesting piece i liked a lot is The Dance.

I like the flow of colour and light in his drawings, really takes the feeling of motion to another level.
Have a look at the rest of his work HERE. I promise you, his stuff is impressive. Especially considering all he uses is Photoshop CS2.
Keep up the great work Tony.

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