My Mustang & something i found at Ford’s Garage.

February 26, 2010

It has been forever since i last blogged; i’ve been busy with University studies and the upcoming Kuwait Architecture Students Association’s 7th Annual KASA Exhibition.

A few months back i took my car to the dealership for a slight vibration that would randomly occur in any gear and after a few days of diagnosis and random part replacement it turned out that the driveshaft was unbalanced and needed to be changed.

Around three months later i took it in to have the steering wheel re-centered and they discovered that the front bushings needed to be replaced and lucky for me it was covered under the 3-year or 60’000km bumper-to-bumper warranty but unlucky for me the parts weren’t currently available and would have to be ordered.

Less than a week later my clutch died! I was shifting from second gear to third gear when the clutch and flywheel plates suddenly decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. It was 1:10am and i was in Jabriya heading to the gas station when it happened and after a few phone calls to Ford’s 24 Hour roadside assistance hotline they came to collect the car.

The following morning i got a call from my service advisor and he told me that the parts would cost 599KD and their labour charges would be 129KD giving a total of 728KD!

Now i was already planning on going for a Cold Air Intake System and a 93 Octane tune and so obviously the stock clutch wouldn’t last long after those modifications. I told him that it is too expensive and i would be getting an aftermarket replacement clutch. I found the clutch i wanted, a Spec Stage 2 clutch which can hold upwards of 400rwtq and an aluminum flywheel which should give me a better off the line launch and overall drive ability. After shipping and installation it would cost me around 490KD. He returned with some unwelcome information, an aftermarket clutch would void my 5-Year or 100’000KM warranty on the Engine, ECU, Transmission and Rear Differential and that after discount the price was lowered to 615KD. I remembered that my front bushings needed to be replaced and that i was sometimes having trouble engaging/disengaging the clutch when at wide-open-throttle so i changed the clutch with them.

Less than a week later i got a call from the dealership telling me the front bushings had arrived! Hip hip hooray! He also asked me if i had been having problems with my new clutch and i had. It still wouldn’t engage/disengage at high rpms and at random instances fourth gear would spit back out, they sent over a technician to take the car out for a drive and lucky enough second gear wouldn’t engage at all and fourth gear too. They told me the car would get done by wednesday if there was nothing wrong with it and if there was something wrong with the transmission it wouldn’t.

It still hasn’t finished. Regardless, the more interesting thing is what i found in the dealership when i was waiting to collect my car after the clutch replacement.

At first i didn’t know what this car was but after a little research it turns outs its a Farboud Farbio GTS sports car.


6 Responses to “My Mustang & something i found at Ford’s Garage.”

  1. rossoneri91 said

    you really should blog more often! not about cars though lol i cant be bothered to read about that
    but that is one nice looking car

    • bumo said

      Hehehe yeah i should and will but its just that lately i have been busy with university classes/exams and a few other projects… and it doesnt help that i just recently rediscovered the joy of the diwaniya. :)

  2. Ced said

    Farbio GTS 350 :)

  3. Nice car, looks like the GT40, I didnt know we had this in Kuwait’s Ford Dealer? usually people who’s seeking to buy unique car like this, they go to private dealers to order the car from the US.

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