The Bravery – Stir The Blood

December 22, 2009

The Bravery is a New York based American Indie Rock band. I was first introduced to them a few years back and i really liked their music.
Ive liked all of their albums and the latest one is no different.

Stir the Blood was released December 1st 2009 and features one or two singles.
I’m stuck on Track #4. Hatefuck


6 Responses to “The Bravery – Stir The Blood”

  1. rossoneri91 said

    i cant believe another kuwaiti likes the bravery lol
    id love to see them live!

    • bumo said

      I love The Bravery they sound just right to me… but its always a battle between them and The Killers to me, and i think because The Killers just have so much more music to judge by i love them more :)

      • rossoneri91 said

        i love the killers too but i prefer the bravery sometimes. plus not many people know the bravery so i consider that a good thing lol

  2. rossoneri91 said

    i havent heard their new album. which songs do u recommend? i love the one u posted

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