Eid: Rhythms Del Mundo Classics, Jeremy Clarkson and another few things…

November 30, 2009

On the second day of Eid i was pleasantly awoken by a friend of mine at 8am, a group of friends were going out for breakfast in Johnny Rockets at Marina Crescent and he wanted me to attend. The breakfast was amazing, the weather was freezing cold, the rain was smashing down, the air, lands, and sea was wet and it was amazing; the hangout was one of the best.

Afterward i passed by Virgin to have a look at there latest books and music and whilst i was there i heard a cover of Hotel California by what sounded to me like The Killers or at least their lead singer Brandon Flowers. When i got home i Googled it and got the answer, it was.

The song was featured in Rhythms Del Mundo Classics, a collaborative album by various artists of which all the proceedings go to an environmental nonprofit organization Artists Project Earth, which raises public awareness and funds for climate change projects and for disaster relief efforts.

I downloaded it, because that what you do when you find music and i liked a few of the tracks;

#1. Hotel California – The Killers
#9. Runaway – The Zutons
#12. For What It’s Worth – OneRepublic
#14. Beat It – Fall Out Boy & John Mayer
#16. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Shanade

I never really cared for the Beat It cover by FOB; but the whole RDM album has a mexican/latin theme and it changed that a bit.

I also bought a copy of The World According To Clarkson Volume II: “And Another Thing…”, i have the first installment and the third and a few other books, but whenever I’de find the second installment I’de always be either strapped for cash or already reading something else. I bought this one because it was the last copy at Virgin and i didnt want to order it online.

Anyways when i was at Marina Mall and crossing the bridge between the Mall and Marina Crescent i noticed something strange and typical. It had been raining all of last night and all morning but i don’t usually expect to see this in a Mall; the poorly constructed and maintained mall’s bridge’s roof was leaking rain all over the place, and instead of the mall’s management shutting off the half  of the bridge that was covered in water  until maintenance handles it, they used buckets to collect the rainwater. Kinda reminded me about a personal project i wanted to start a few months back critiquing the design, construction, maintenance and the future of B.O.T. project Malls like the 360 Mall, Marina Mall and The Avenues in Kuwait.

This was one of my happiest Eids ever for me, great friends, great family and great food. :) I hope you all had a happy Eid!


2 Responses to “Eid: Rhythms Del Mundo Classics, Jeremy Clarkson and another few things…”

  1. ChessQ8 said

    eids are cool , if one is in the mood i guess :)

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