Winter 09′

November 22, 2009

Low temperatures + Cold Surfaces + Rain + Low Traction = KEEP THE TRACTION CONTROL ON! 

Winter is officially upon us now and there are many thing that come with this weather.

When driving around everyday i have gotten into the habit of shutting off my car’s traction control system as soon as i get into the car, i find controlling the car in sudden tractionless moments much easier and easier to predict with it off than with it on. However, in winter and rain, the story is very different.

With the cold weather comes colder air and with the colder air comes a torquer and a volatile engine! Two things that when put together, combined with the fact that in the freezing weather i dont want to move a single inch because I’m too cold and lazy means i know have less control.

As a result, unless im in a totally free area where even if i lose control its not an issue, or suicidal, the traction control now stays on until the roads are permanently dry again.

Drive safely people, the streets are wet as heaven!


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