NHTSA New Side Impact Crash Testing

November 19, 2009

The NHTSA has just launched a new part of their crash testing program that will test the force of the impact when a car crashes into a lamp post or an equally skinny object.

Ive always wondered if the current side impact crash testing is even remotely related to the impact of a pole in real life and i guess these new tests will regulate future standards and affect the safety designs of car companies in future.

The videos below show the tests preformed on a 2010 Mustang, and 2010 Mustang Convertible. Now ive seen crash test before and even side crash testing, but results like these are a bit alarming. The 2005+ Mustangs have all gotten five star crash rating for driver and passenger frontal and side impacts, as well as rollover performance by the NHTSA but these new tests might show otherwise. Have a look at the video and look at how the chassis reacts, I’m glad its still intact and very stable, the distortion is very minimal compared to what ive seen in real life but I’m guessing the speed they are tested on are a lot slower than what ive seen in real life too.

This will evolve the standards of crash safety greatly. And it looks great too! :P
Videos after the jump!

Autoblog article on the NHTSA’s new crash tests


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