Sony Ericsson S500i

November 13, 2009

Around a year and a half back or so i bought a brand new Sony Ericsson S500i. The phone has been great with me ever since, but lately it has been losing it a bit. When it was brand new it would give me 9 hours talk time and an impossibly long stand-by time, but now it barely gives me 2 hours talk time and a 20 hours stand-by time. And ive already gone through two phone chargers and the second one is now dying on me.  To add to that, the camera doesnt work anymore so if i accidentaly turn it on, the phone crashes and will not restart unless i remove the battery and it has developed a habit of shutting down all functions randomly as well as automatically answering phone calls when im not around. I am now looking for a new phone. Yesterday i went out in search for a 16GB iPhone 3GS, i went to X-Cite, Eureka, Electrozan and the shops at Sharq area. Alghanim, Eureka and Electrozan were all sold out and Electrozan is the only one that wants to re-stock on 16GB 3GSs… The cheapest i found in Sharq was 255KD for an officially unlocked one and i figured it is a lot of money so i want to wait a few days to see if i still want one after I’m calm. Unfortunately i just dropped my humble S500i from a height of around 75cm and its gone crazy… I’m gonna have to think fast.

Sony Ericsson S500i

I dont know if you can tell from the image above, but the time now reads 12:F6PM and the date now reads 32/28/i880! WT-EF?


One Response to “Sony Ericsson S500i”

  1. shareefa said

    i had an S500i exactly like yours before i got my iphone..
    i still love it, but go for iphone now ;p

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