Logo Competition for Kuwait Public Transport Master Plan Study

November 8, 2009

Thats a long title.

A few weeks back, KASA was contacted by Atkins Consultants for a logo competition being held by them with Kuwait Municipality for the new Kuwait Public Transport Master Plan Study being held by Atkins and Kuwait Baladiya.
The requirements were as follows:

In an effort to encourage the public to get involved with the public transport study, Atkins on behalf of Kuwait Municipality has launched a Logo Design Competition for the Study. Participants are encouraged to design a logo that would identify a future vision for the Kuwait Public Transport Master plan and reflect a multi-modal public transport system which includes buses, metros, monorail etc.

Due to increased interest in Public Transport in Kuwait and public demand, the Logo Design Competition will be extended till the 25th October, 2009.

General Rules:
1. All entrants hereby grant free, unrestricted license to Kuwait Municipality to display logo submissions on its website.
2. Kuwait Municipality have an unlimited right to use the winning logo design for all marketing and promotional purposes, including websites and other such collateral including (but not limited to) printed brochures and newsletters.
3. The winning entrant must provide Kuwait Municipality with all applicable source files, including PSD, AI and/or EPS files. Failure to provide Kuwait Municipality with layered and/or vector-based source files will result in immediate forfeiture.
4. A Maximum of 3 entries per person will be accepted.
5. Participations to be submitted until 25/10/2009. The winning logo shall be announced on the daily newspapers and on the Municipality’s website.

Anyways me and a great friend of mine participated with three logos and came in second place. :)


7 Responses to “Logo Competition for Kuwait Public Transport Master Plan Study”

  1. Shining Phoenix said

    Dude the pics are not showing for some reason.

  2. Who won the first place ?

    • bumo said

      I heard hes a freshmen student named Abdulrahman Al-Khailfi… his design was posted in today’s newspapers and will be used on all their advertisements and projects. I will try to scan the T-Shirt they gave me and post it here as soon as possible…

  3. yousef alsaleh said

    many thnx … and waiting for that scan :)

    • bumo said

      I just posted the winning logo image on the front page. Have a look and tell me what you think.

      I dont know what is going on with photobucket and hosting images on an external site… it used to work and now doesnt want to :/

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