Herfy Restaurants

November 5, 2009

Herfy recently opened up in Jabriya, near the Sable branch close to the King Fahad Expressway. According to the wikipedia page:

Herfy is the largest fast food restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest in the Middle East, surpassing major international corporations in terms of local size. It has a total of more than 100 restaurants and 2,000 employees throughout Saudi Arabia. It also has many subsidiaries including Herfy Bakery and a soon to be built meat processing plant. It has been an entirely Saudi-owned company since its inception.

A few weeks back i was recommended it by my brother-in-law, he told me that it tastes exactly the same as Hungry Bunny used to and after giving it a try, i gotta say i don’t remember the way Hungry Bunny tasted too well but i think its pretty close and it tastes great! Apparently, in Saudi Arabia some people are reluctant to eat from Hungry Bunny for its Western name, so Herfy opened up to cater to the hunger needs of these people. Also, i heard that the Herfy franchise in Saudi Arabia wanted to open up a Mr.Baker and some of the other Mr. Baker related shops and wanted to expand Herfy Restaurants to Kuwait. Both owners agreed to exchange franchises and Herfy opened up shop in Jabriya and im guessing they have plans to further expand in future.

Anyways im pretty much addicted to Herfy now… the food tasted great, although value for money is nowhere near MacDonalds or Burger King and Hardees but its worth a try.


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