24-Hour Copy Center

November 2, 2009

Every once in a while and during almost every semester, there are moments of immense stupidity. A professor would dictate a specific homework due in on the first day of the coming week and I would either forget to buy the book, notes, or print the slides of the lectures, either way I’m doomed to hell unless I get a copy of whatever it is that I need. The original can be easily obtained, a phone call here and there and a friend usually has it and is willing to join me on a quest to get it photocopied, the photocopier though is another story.

In Kuwait, there used to be two 24-Hour photocopy places, Kinko’s at the Airport and Kinko’s Kuwait City. The airport is roughly 15kms from my house and Sharq is also roughly 15kms from my house, but with a lot more traffic lights, speed camera, customers, and workers with a lot less common sense. As a result, i prefered going go to the Airport Kinko’s for my 24-Hour copying needs but now its closed and the only one that remains is the Sharq Branch.

The Sharq branch always has at least 4+ employees on shift after midnight but they are stunningly incompetent. For the last five or so times I have had to use them, I would walk in and find no customers or maybe 1, never more. But it would still take them no less than half an hour to copy 10 pieces of paper or to print a tiny booklet of PowerPoint slides. You should try it for once, and see how irrelevant there existence is… at one time I even told the man to open up the counter so I could come over and do it myself.

Just last week I went with a friend to photocopy the questions to the homework that would be due in, in a little over 9 hours and it took the man copying the one sheet of paper around 5 minutes to get it done.

I admit that it is my mistake to come at such late hours, but if you are not willing to do your job right, then why do it in the first place? And why open up a “24-Hour” Kinko’s if its going to take you 25 to copy one sheet… Can anyone name a better 24-Hour copy center? Or at least just another one?

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