What is your favorite colour?

October 31, 2009

Since as long as i can remember, Orange, in almost all of its shades and primarily the tones ranging closer to the yellows and golds of the spectrum, has been my favorite colour. But for some strange reason, when asked what my favorite colour is anytime before 2008, i would answer blue. The reason was that i believed colours to have personality traits or quite complexly, i thought they were people; Yellow is a girl, shes skinny and regular height, attractive and not very modest. Im guessing shes somewhat a typical blonde? Maybe that’s what i get it from. Blue was a tall Caucasian man, brown hair, light brown eyes, medium build, very attractive, and very popular with the masses. Orange on the other hand was not very popular, quite the contrary, people hated the colour, he was arrogant, very smart, medium height and had an in your face attitude that people either loved or hated, mostly hated….

I know… its totally fucked up, but its something that was stuck with me since a very young age. I think i made it up in my first two or three weeks in primary school when my family first moved to Nottingham, England.

Anyways, i just Googled “Favorite Color” and got a few interesting links… the one that struck a cord was this one: http://www.joehallock.com/edu/COM498/preferences.html

What i found really interesting were the result of the survey containing 232 people or so. The most favored colour amongst people was blue, and the least favorite was orange…

I’m beginning to think i was right…


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