The Evolution of Wasta: Second Publication on Kuwait Times

October 23, 2009

A few weeks back i wrote something that got published in the Kuwait Times. I wrote something else, and they also liked it… click the link below for the Kuwait Times website with the article.

“The Evolution of Wasta: Extreme of Mainstream”


5 Responses to “The Evolution of Wasta: Second Publication on Kuwait Times”

  1. rossoneri91 said

    This really isn’t something new… I truly wish it would help if people wrote articles about it but I really don’t think that’s gonna get us anywhere.

    • bumo said

      I completely agree with you, writing articles is not going to get us anywhere… and the problem is not something new, or in fact, Wasta isnt really the problem… but how can we fix the problem? I wrote on how i can but Kuwait Times refused to publish it that way, i had to edit out the DOs and DONTs…

  2. rossoneri91 said

    at least you’re trying I guess

  3. Mo3taz said

    Dude if people read this, I believe they should understand how serious this is and act on it!

    • bumo said

      I wish, but i doubt it… people who have the power to change these things dont see a need for change… and i doubt they read the Friday Times…

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