2008 Ford Mondeo – Temporary Replacement Car

October 13, 2009

It has only been 19 months since i first got my 2008 Ford Mustang GT but its already done 50’000KMs and it was time for the regular service. Since the beginning of summer the car would vibrate at random and unpredictable times, it started at higher speeds, i figured it needed new tires, brake pads, rotors and maybe some new shocks so i replaced all of those but the vibrations persisted and when i finally took it in to Ford on the 28th of September and requested a complete suspension and drive-train checkup, a few days later i was informed they had replaced a few parts from the front suspension, Lower and Upper control arms, bushings, etc… and that the drive-shaft was damaged and has to be replaced. Unfortunately the parts were not in stock so they would have to be shipped over from abroad; this would take at least 30 days and because of a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) issued by Ford regarding the drive-shaft, i cannot take my car for the time being and bring it back once the parts arrive. The good thing is that all of the parts have been replaced on the warranty. And the best thing is, even though it took them two weeks to give me one, Ford has a replacement vehicle policy for cars that would stay in the garage for a month for issues regarding their 5-year warranty.

I figured they would eventually call me up giving me an old and crusty Focus with roll down windows and plastic for rims, but it turns out they don’t give their customers anything of that standard. I was given a full option orange 2008 Ford Mondeo!

Now i wouldn’t call it orange because if this car is orange i really have no idea what colour my Mustang is… but the car is registered as orange in their registration papers so i will name that colour as orange for Ford’s sake.

I had hoped they would give me a Mondeo, i really enjoy driving front wheel drive cars for daily activities and i was very happy they would give me one. At first i anticipated a world of boredom but after getting in the car seat and giving it a go i can truly say this car is really something special and full of optional gadgets.

The car i was given comes with a 150bhp 2.0L I4, its a lazy engine and it is mated to an extremely unresponsive 6-Speed Automatic transmission but non the less it is really fun to drive. Acceleration is almost non-existent after 90 kph and torque feels good on the first 2000-3000 rpms but completely disapears closer to redline making the last 1000 rpms of the engine feel like an eternity.I cant give you a zero to sixty figure but i can tell you that 4th gear overtaking was impossible and that even with a 2km stretch, i couldnt take it over 140kph.

As far cornering is concerned, it does it with ease and even at high speeds. A day back I took it around some tight bends and it preformed very well, and this morning i took it on some long fast bends and it also preformed much better than i anticipated, as good as my Mustang, just slower and not as exciting.

With 2.0L I4 cars, i would usually brag about fuel economy, but with my style of driving, and the lack of acceleration from the lack of power, i managed a 14 L/100KM average over the last 2 days. So to put things into perspective for you, the 4.6L V8 in the Mustang gives me 13.8L 100/KM when i drive it exactly the same way, and im sure its because the little engine spends so much time and effort trying to reach the speeds i like to travel at (FYI: within the speed limit).

The car came with a 6-cd-changer, heated and cooled seats, dual automatic climate control, steering responsive headlights (took some time getting used to these, i kept thinking a speeding hooligan was about to smash into me when i was switching lanes), xenon high and low beams, front fog lamps, built in telephone (which i still cant figure out how to operate), a sunroof, automatic folding and dimming(photochromic) side mirrors, 17 inch alloy wheels, cruise control, steering wheel sterio functions and enough space to store 3-4 dead bodies.

Overall, this car can strike great confidence to any driver, skilled or unskilled, and after just 2 days of driving it i can already tell you this car would be the number one seller if only people would give it, and Ford a chance before they go for a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. I am not so sure how much it sells for, but if i had to price it myself, i would say 7000-7500KD is a good price for this car. Give it a test drive if you are looking for a 4-door family saloon, im sure this car will put a smile on your face.


5 Responses to “2008 Ford Mondeo – Temporary Replacement Car”

  1. Shli7f said

    Dude, seriuosly, i think you should get into contact with some car dealers here in kuwait, or a mag or something, regarding iong reviews for cars…pretty impressive and honest style…:)…talk to Faji..:P

    • bumo said

      Thnx Shli7f ;)

      Update; i woke up extra early this morning to make a CD for the car but unfortunately the CD changer doesnt work :( I dont know if it doesnt work or if i just cant figure out how to operate it… but i cant find the instruction manual either… so bummer :P i gotta listen to Sandy for the next two weeks :'(

  2. Ced said

    Endorsement at it’s best :)

  3. Ced said

    orange?! .. tango would be it.

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