2010 Saleen S281 Mustang

October 9, 2009

Ever since the facelifted Mustang S197 dawned on us this year, not one of the usual crazy and impressive tuning houses of Saleen, Roush, or even Shelby have provided a platform more impressive than the standard Mustang.

With the 05-09 Mustang, owning a V6 was nice until you were to park it next to a GT, in which case your V6 would now look like a bag of crap, the same went for the GT, it was great, just dont park it next to a GT500… and its pretty much the same way between the GT500 and the KR’s and Supersnakes…

But with the latest installment of Mustangs, the LX, GT and GT500 are almost all equal in design aesthetics.

As soon as i saw the latest GT i knew its going to be very difficult for Mustang modifiers to find a body panel to make prettier or meaner and over time almost all the tuning houses have helped prove my point. I dont even find the GT500 much more impressive than the GT, the GT looks great as it is, i wouldnt go for a GT500 over a GT anymore.

But yesterday Saleen released a few teaser shots of their new S281 Mustang and from the little images i can see it looks like it may be the first tuner to get it right…

Check out two more images and some details in the autoblog article.


4 Responses to “2010 Saleen S281 Mustang”

  1. el wehbi said

    I’m a huge fan of the GT500! It’s aggressive looking and has a great sounding engine.

  2. Kostya said

    A car got a new hood, grate of radiator, modified front bumper and airscoops in place of back windows.

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