The Return of Hachi-Roku

October 6, 2009

Ever since Toyota announced plans to create a new RWD 2+2 seat coupe i have been on the edge of my seat; an AE86 reborn would bring nostalgia to a lot of car fans. Today Toyota released the first photographs of the official car, named the Toyota FT86 Concept. And it is definitely worth the wait.

The new car features a Subaru derived Flat-4 engine, a 6-speed manual transmission and rear wheel drive. Combine a near perfect engine with a perfect chassis and transmission and im guessing an even better weight distribution and we may now have the sports car of the future; light weight and great engineering.

But to add to that, Toyota made it an extra good looker too, with an extra good looking interior.

I just hope the interior doesnt change much when it hits the production lines.

Read the AutoBlog.Com article.


2 Responses to “The Return of Hachi-Roku”

  1. W.Z said

    Look out 370Z!!!…it does look amazing, and u can’t expect anything less than a an amazing machine from toyota..I just can’t wait to see it going sidways…I’m just wondering, will this change anything in plans for a new supra??is it even still planned??

    • bumo said

      Damn i never realized this will be a competitor to the 370Z, i figured its a direct competitor to the Hyundai Coupe but not the Z.

      As far as the Supra is concerned, i know that plans to produce a new Supra are still on and i think close to completion, but it will be released under a Lexus badge as the LF-A… check out this link

      It says the new LF-A is scheduled to be unveiled at Frankfurt this month and maybe even released in the UK! So i guess its closer than we thought…

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