The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield

October 3, 2009

A while back i was feeling energy drained from my friendships, familial relationships, my classes and brain. I had a long hard talk with my eldest sister and she recommended a book to help me through my problems. The book was written by James Redfield and was about spiritual enlightenment and the flow of energy in the world around us. I had attempted to read similar books before and found almost all of them to be slightly offensive in the way they are usually written. Almost all the books i read had been written as if the reader was a fragile flower and the slightest winds of criticism would completely destroy them or perhaps even offend them. I am one of the people that are the almost the opposite, i accept direct criticism much easier if the blow is hard and short, kinda like ripping off a plaster… it doesn’t always work, but its worked so far. But this book was different.

What i loved about this book was it wasn’t written like a manual for life or a bible for the future and solutions to problems from your past, it is a novel, a story narrated from the first point perspective of a man on his path to enlightenment. He speaks of the many events that eventually lead up to him accepting the natural flow of energy and developing his understandings in energy.

It is very well written and kept me holding on for more, every chapter made me want to read the next and what i liked the most of all is that i learned from the book the same way the man in the story was learning. I related every event in the story to events in my life and every person he meets in the story to people in my life. The similarities are truly remarkable and im sure you would feel the same way.

I cant remember the details but a while back i read of an interview with the writer and he spoke of his own journey of enlightenment and how he began his journey. When the book was originally published, it was not publicized by people in the media, Redfeild wanted it to gain its own momentum and succeed in providing people with the same experiences he went through. And a part of the book speaks about what would happen when you understand it’s purpose. I cannot describe the feeling enough to you but when i was done with the book i was engulfed with a weird feeling that i wanted everybody i know and everybody around me to read this book and feel the same sensation i felt.

There is a movie but a friend of mine and my sister watched the first few minutes of it on showtime and said its so shit it almost ruined the book for them, so they turned it off before it had the chance.

I recommend you read this book and when you know i assure you that you will want everybody else to read it.


4 Responses to “The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield”

  1. shareefa said

    its a really amazing book!
    something to read over and over again. as soon as i was done, i had a feeling of ecstasy and sugar rushing through my blood!
    im telling everyone who i think is ready to read it. spreading the love ;)
    thank you for letting me read this :D

  2. Toothfairy said

    Glad you guys enjoyed the journey…. not many ppl are open to spiritual readings and stories but in this day and age where technology is taking over the world and making our bodies and minds hyper in a race for time this book teaches you how to take a deep breath and listen to your self again… it makes you let go of all the materalistic non-sense that surrounds you and gives a deeper meaning and connection to life and your relationships…

    I hope that its effect lasts long enough in ppl’s conscious and subconscious in order to make a difference in this world the way its meant to do :)))

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