Pollux Automatic iTunes filler

October 2, 2009

If you are anything like me and like to have all of the songs in your iPod organized correctly then you understand how much time is wasted doing so. A while back i got into the habit of naming files as soon as i copy them to my iTunes application and i have set that to automatically organize my files but i still have tons of unorganized music from the days when i was too lazy and less obsessed. To keep the album artworks tidy and correct i use Fetch Art, which is a program that automatically finds the artworks of the songs highlighted in iTunes and downloads them off Amazon.Com and i cant remember the name of the other program i use for lyrics but there are loads of those around.

There is now a new Mac only program named Pollux that organizes your music for you, it analyzes the music track and updates the album art, lyrics, names, etc. Im going to give it a try as soon as i get home and hopefully it will rename all the uncorrected songs i have.

According to LifeHacker.Com: “Mac OS X only: Free beta application Pollux analyzes the audio fingerprint of tracks in your music library and corrects the song’s title, artist, album, art, lyrics, and more. It’s simple to use and it works very well.”

Read the LifeHacker.Com article for details and for a link to the download page: Pollux Automatically Cleans and Tags Your iTunes Library

6 Responses to “Pollux Automatic iTunes filler”

  1. rossoneri91 said

    now lets hope it works lol

  2. Shli7f said

    So Jaz, have u tried it..? how is it,…?

  3. bumo said

    I tried to download it but this is what it says on their website…


    Over the last couple of days, Pollux has gotten an unanticipated high volume of traffic and downloads. We’re very happy for the huge interest and success our app has received, but for the very same reason, the third-party services Pollux uses such as MusicDNS and Lyricwiki are no longer able to support Pollux for free. Thus, our current version (1.1.9) is broken.

    As we are just two college students not looking for any profit, we are unable to pay for the services Pollux depends on even with the very generous donations we have received. We’re looking to resolve this issue and continue to bring you Pollux at the lowest cost we can manage. We apologize for Pollux not working until we can sort out this matter, and we thank you for your interest and patience.”

  4. rossoneri91 said

    what does that mean. mali 5ilg agrah kila! :(

    • bumo said

      It means that because they are for free they make no money and because they received a lot of attention in the past few days they now cannot afford to keep the service running… so until further notice, it wont work.

  5. rossoneri91 said

    those bastards! i guess ill go delete it now lol
    btw i just got the new snow leopard. i dont notice anything different :S

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