BMW Lovos Concept

September 28, 2009

Following BMW’s ingenious GINA Concept car, they have just released the Lovos Concept photos.
I found the GINA concept car to be something truly spectacular, showing profound ingenuity, a very respectable and smart concept and i believe it’s shape shifting form if applied to the automotive industry will produce many unrestricted designs. The way cars are put together today doesnt really call for a strong exoskeleton, and as such, maybe dont even need one? Most cars use an internal welded chassis or a combination of a monocoque chassis and a stronger internal one with crumple zones and little flexibility under strong physical forces. This GINA system would allow cars to have a strong internal chassis and an independently designed external shell, meaning, an unprecedented number of cars can have the exact same chassis but a completely different form and overall external aesthetics.

The Lovos is equally if not increasingly inspiring, however, completely different! And when i first saw the photo it instantly hit me, the flaps are air brakes, and possibly photovoltaics? And i was right.

I love the direction BMW is taking in automotive design aesthetic form experimentation, they are the only company i can think of out there today pushing the boundaries of automotive design in terms of ingenuity.

It made me wonder what kind of applications it would have into architecture and reminded me of the shape shifting exterior facade designed by FLARE FACADE. I always wondered why Flare Facade never thought of combining their shape shifting forms with Photovoltaics for sustainable applications…. Maybe they can be inspired to do so after seeing the Lovos. Or maybe i should do one myself?

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4 Responses to “BMW Lovos Concept”

  1. W.Z. said

    I very much agree with everything you said about BMW’s approach!! it is stunning to see such concepts emerge.
    you should know that the moment i saw the lovos, “discuss with bumo” was the thought in my head =p
    btw im back in kuwait dude!! hope to see you soon

  2. W.Z. said

    The Blog is great!! really enjoying it…perfect dose, perfect subjects, amazing writing…keep up the good work “mate”

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