Shineboxprint’s Parking Tickets

September 26, 2009

I just parked at Galleria 2000 in Salmiya and the guy parked on my right had chosen to take a space and a half for his beloved Nissan Altima, regardless, i managed to park between the two cars and walked into the Mall cursing Nissan for selling cars to such idiots. People who cant park seriously get on my nerves.

Shineboxprint has come up with a solution to vent your stress. Parking tickets, which you can leave on the car of the idiot to give them a little bit of advice.

They are available here. Check them out, they are entertaining. The book comes with 20 tickets and costs $7.

Im thinking of getting one to vent some of my own stress… keying a car doesnt quite seem right to me.


One Response to “Shineboxprint’s Parking Tickets”

  1. shareefa said

    ooof that is so true.
    stupid drivers reeeeaaally get on my nerves ;s
    great idea. me love :D

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