September 25, 2009

Around a week or two back i sent a few of my published articles over to the editors at Kuwait Times because i am interested in writing for them. They got back to me a few days later after they had read them and asked me to write one specifically for them. I sent it over and they liked it and agreed to publish it. And yesterday, Thursday 24th September 2009 it got published on the bottom left side of the 5th page!

They did some minor editing to the article, nothing major and they didn’t change anything of the content but they actually made it sound a great deal nicer than i originally wrote it.


4 Responses to “Published”

  1. Shining Phoenix said

    Interesting article. But I think that the 2 examples you mentioned are among the minor of the many major problems with a majority of Kuwaitis and Kuwait these days which I think are arrogance, feelings of superiority, and the culture of corruption. These are also some of the reasons of why (even though I was born here and lived here for most of my life) I can’t relate or identify with Kuwait. Don’t know why but I feel these negatives started spreading in beginning of the 80’s and even more in the post liberation days, it’s just a guess I’m making from what I read and heard.

    I just hope Kuwaitis with your type of thinking pervail.

    • bumo said

      I agree, there are many issues that go with the typical Kuwaiti attitude and i totally feel you, in this country i too feel like an alien.

      I think that thinking will prevail but not without action, which is why some people need to start listening and others need to start acting before things get out of hand.

      Thanx for reading and for the comment :)

  2. Shli7f said

    by the way this article isn’t there on the kuwait times website..? WTF..?

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