Porsche 911 – Sport Classic in Kuwait

September 25, 2009

On Wednesday i heard that the new Porsche 911 Sport Classic is now available in Kuwait.

I think this 911 is the rarest of them all, and the man in the video will explain to you why. From what my friend told me, it is selling for 57’000KD at the Porsche Behbehani Dealership. A price i think is high for what is pretty much a regular Carerra S with an exhaust, bodykit and a redone interior, but low for a 1/250 car.

I might go have a look at the car in real life at the Behbehani Dealership and take some shots.

Click this for a detailed list of all the specialties.


4 Responses to “Porsche 911 – Sport Classic in Kuwait”

  1. boyousef said

    i dont think it is worth this price , i would get 2 911s top spec for this price .

    • bumo said

      Or a full spec GT2 for 55000KD ;)
      But like a friend told me… this car isnt exactly for someone looking for their first Porsche, this is for the man who has a Carrera GT and a GT2 as his daily drivers and wants a special edition car…

  2. Mark James said

    Very nice car – great site

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