My new RYZ’s arrived

September 24, 2009

A few months back i posted shots of RYZ’s The Creep designed by Caveman. And for a while now ive been looking for something similar in custom shoes. For Eid i ordered a pair, they arrived this morning, a little short of Eid but its cool.

I was worried they wouldn’t fit my feet! I got the largest size, which is my size, 11.5US. But the problem is, shoe size differs between different brands, i even have two identical pairs of Reeboks both size 11.5, one is extremely painful and one is perfect, come to think of it, all my size 11.5 Reeboks are perfect except that one navy blue one. And ive only ever found one pair of Converse that fit my feet and they were a tight size 11.5.

Anyways i tried them on and for starters it feels like the things were made for my exact feet, perfect fit, and i mean perfect, and they are really comfy.

I am definitely buying another pair or more.

Update: My brother-in-law just informed of something i never notice and hence never mentioned. These shoes are Limited Editions; and i got #86 of 292! :D

6 Responses to “My new RYZ’s arrived”

  1. Shining Phoenix said

    Really nice kicks. I have a few questions:

    1) What’s the name of website that you ordered them from?

    2) What shipping service did you use?

    3) What was the amount of money that the shipping added to the total cost of the shoe?


    • bumo said

      2) Aramex, my brother-in-law ordered them for me
      3) The shoes were $45, with shipping it totaled 25KD…

      Ur welcome :) thnx for the comment and for reading my blog

  2. aziz-m said


  3. dana said

    they’re fierce (a la christian siriano)

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