Gran Turismo 5 – December 29th 2009

September 20, 2009

According to a few blogs online, Amazon.Com has just listen the release date of the long awaited Playstation 3 game Gran Turismo  5, as December 29th 2009.

My passion for automotion started roughly around the time my brother bought a pirated copy of Gran Turismo 2 on the Playstation in 1997 and ever since has been strong. I would stay up all night long on that game and through it i gained a great deal of the automotive trivia and knowledge i know today. I finished every circuit at the least 100 times and drove every car through every race. The game was the start of a lifetime of obsession. And the obsession only grew stronger with the 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R ripping through Laguna Seca in GT3 and tearing around the 24 Hours Le Mans  races of GT4 in a 1991 Mercedes Benz 190 E 2.5 Evo II ! Cars like the Nissan Skyine GTR, Ford Mustang, Ford GT40 and Dodge Viper became personal legends of racing and not just posters on a wall.

For many men, boys and automotive enthusiasts/fanatics, the Gran Turismo franchise is the closest they will come to driving all these race bred cars. And for many others, the closest thing to getting real lap times at a track.

The latest installment of Sony’s GT Series features a great deal more cars, new tracks and the most anticipating for me, the Top Gear test track!

And even though i wasnt very fond of GT5 – Prologue, i am very excited about GT5!
I simply can not wait!


2 Responses to “Gran Turismo 5 – December 29th 2009”

  1. W.Z. said

    mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmm…can hardly wait!! If I’m ever getting a PS3, GT5 is to be blamed. It’s an addiction, one you keep thinking about during classes, and sacrifice hours of sleep to enjoy…I’m afraid of getting TOO hooked. =p

    • bumo said

      Very true, i dont think any other video game got me this obsessed before. And this one with its new gameplay and the Top Gear test track is bound to be just as exciting. But hey, its the final year, we dont wanna fuck that up :P

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