Kaleidoscope – Tiesto

September 16, 2009

A few weeks back i posted Tiesto’s – I will be here, his latest single made with Sneaky Sound System.
Yesterday a friend of mine told me the promo CD to Kaleidoscope leaked onto the internet. I just finished downloading it off ThePirateBay.Org and am having a first listen right now.

Im glad hes back! And it sounds great so far!

Song to listen to:

1. Kaleidoscope Feat Jonsi
2. Century Feat Calvin Harris
5. La Rida
8. Louder than boom
12. I Will Be Here Feat Sneaky Sound System!!

Update: After giving it a good long listen i have to say the album is much better than i anticipated. With many tracks featuring some of Tiesto’s older style and rhythm. But i have to say its obvious Tiesto was high on Mario Mushrooms when he recorded this because the whole thing features loads of 8-bit techno tunes.


6 Responses to “Kaleidoscope – Tiesto”

  1. Shli7f said

    dude, all of his music i believe was a result of constant consumption of Mario and a lot of other magic mushrooms…LOL…the guy’s tunes are out of this world….anyway, see you tonite…

  2. Shining Phoenix said

    I love listening to Tiesto while I’m jogging, nothing pumps me more. I’m definitely going to download this.

    • bumo said

      I found that listening to ISOS6 while walking helped me keep a constant pace, and sometimes go up and down with the rate of the beat! Its great, you really gotta hear it!

  3. rossoneri91 said

    i cant stop listening to Escape Me

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