September 15, 2009

I was on my home this afternoon sometime around 2pm. My house is somewhere around the vicinity of The English Playgroup in Salwa, and I drive past it almost everyday on the way back home. Today was the first day I drove past during a school day in a long time and I must say it is pretty exhausting.

A question was brought across my mind as I either clutched and declutched on my way to a slow and unsteady 10km/h; the kids around The English Playgroup are too young to understand speed and the importance of safety whilst crossing the road, but around schools where kids are a minimum of 8 years old and up to 18 years old, should there really be a speed limit of 10km/h? I mean, if by the age of 8 you still cant remember to look to your left, and then look to your right watching for oncoming traffic, and then look to your left again before you cross the road, should you really be allowed to survive?

It is survival of the fittest you know…

After my neighbor’s kid got killed by a car while playing around the block, it never happened again and eventually the kids stopped playing on the streets. Maybe we should sacrifice one to save the rest? Maybe at school they will miss 7amood enough to never forget to watch the road when crossing?

All jokes aside, i love kids. And i would hate for any child to get killed or injured in an pedestrian accident.
Always drive safely around school, the way you drive could influence their behavior.

Note: When i was searching for an image to go with this post, i googled “kids crossing” and got the image at the top, different to when i googled “children crossing” and got the image at the bottom. Interesting how ‘kids’ is linked to idiots but children isnt…


One Response to “Kids!”

  1. shareefa said

    i think this is a pretty sensitive topic especially having “na7asa” spread around. grown ups just dont seem to understand that the people crossing are KIDS >> and so as u mentioned, linked to idiots!
    but what can they do. its probably their parents fault that they made them idiots instead of children! and ya i wouldnt mind having the 10km speed limit; at least just for the 20 or 30 meters right in front of the school gate…

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