House MD Season 6

September 13, 2009

I dont watch many TV shows, i used to watch Weeds, but after season 5 it got boring. Im a big fan of Top Gear, but then again that’s not exactly a fictional show, nor is it factual. When i was 12 i’d watch every episode of The Simpsons and Pokemon but i eventually lost track of both, and up until around 2 years ago i used to watch Family Guy. I’m also a major fan of Heroes, even through its period where everyone considered it shitty i still loved it.

Around the beginning of July i got into House MD, i had seen a few episodes on Dubai One of MBC 4 or something but never really watched a whole show. And after watching one episode from beginning to end, i was totally hooked! At first it was the medical mysteries that i found entertaining, but later things got a little complicated with Dr Gregory House himself and the medical mysteries became a side story and repetitive as it was never Lupus. Dr. House is an atypical asshole, he got shot in his hip and for the rest of his life has to live with a pain in his hip and leg. And only manages to do that with an addiction to Vicodin and treating everybody he meets and loves him like dirt. What really got me hooked was the hallucinations he went through on the last 3 episodes of season 5! I cant wait to see what happens to him after rehab. But overall, my favorite thing about the whole show is the relationship he has with his best friend Dr. James Wilson.

House MD Season 6 starts September 21st 2009. Cant wait.

The above is a digital painting by euclase entitled House’s Head and you can find it here for a better look.


2 Responses to “House MD Season 6”

  1. W.Z. said

    yeah, he kinda reminds me of Dr.Becker…i agree, there’s something about the whole short-tempered, sarcastic, rude, asshole who gets the job done

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