September 9, 2009

In the department of Architecture at Kuwait University, for a while now KASA have hung motivational quotations for the students to read while passing by. It is entertaining, even if like me, you don’t agree with them most of the time.

While researching new motivational slogans and quotations for the coming year, I stumbled upon a website archiving the many ridiculous design rules we hear throughout our education and read in books and hear from the mouths of architects. I found the website; simply named RidiculousDesignRules.com entertaining and somewhat beneficial. Its still not clear whether we will or will not use there rules in the department yet but here are a few I liked:

Power is nothing without ctrl+z

A giraffe is a horse designed by a committee

It’s easier to convince the client to like your design, then to design something your client will like

Design is not a democracy

Shine a light on it and call it art

‘The box’ is inside out

‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’ (Picasso)

Whoever says being pretty is not a function?

Art is expression, design is communication.

Make one stupid detail important, then ask your client his opinion. That gives him the feeling that he is the one who decides.

Measure twice, cut once

Don’t try to be original, just try to be good

Break the rules

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