Fiat 500 – 695 Tributo Ferrari

September 9, 2009

Many variants of the Fiat 500 have been made so far, the first was the Abarth, then came the Abarth EsseEsse, the Ferrari 500 and shortly afterward i heard of a tuning house named Karl Schnorr(Pictured below) pushing the little 1.4L engine with several power packages, all the way upto 185bhp or 197bhp!

Today, released images of the new 695 Tributo Ferrari Fiat 500. Although the images have been pulled offline from the original source i have uploaded the one i saved on my desktop.

695 Tributo Ferrari

695 Tributo Ferrari

This new Ferrari boasts 180bhp from it’s little turbocharged 1.4. To add to that, they have even included a 6-speed paddle shift gearbox and Scuderia Red to give the driver a true Ferrari feeling.

I think its cool, funky, and hotter than any other 500 ive seen.


One Response to “Fiat 500 – 695 Tributo Ferrari”

  1. elwehbi said

    God I love those cars!!

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