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September 8, 2009

One of the websites i regularly visit is Flavowire.com, and a few days back one of their Pic of the Day’s was this.

Pic of the Day: Those Are Drew Barrymore’s Chucks

And im a major fan of Drew Barrymore!

Ive been looking for a photography project to take on in the next few months and Time Out New York’s project inspired me. Ive decided sometime within the next month, i will go out and buy a few disposable cameras and endlessly take photographs.

I took two photography classes in college, the first was comprised of a manual SLR photography class, we learned how to take a photograph, develop the films, develop the photographs and print them. It was very exciting as you would never know how the photo would end up after printing, i developed my own film and paper developing techniques and time saving methods. The second class i took was of course Photography 2, but around 3 years after Photography 1, and that focused of digital SLR photography, and i have to admit, somewhere along the way, the excitement was lost in translation. I gained extensive skills in photo framing and advanced development techniques but the overall result was less striking than photography one.

I want something that will bring a little excitement back into photography for me. I still have my SLR film camera, but the photo developing room at the university has been torn down and i can no longer spend extensive time developing film and printing photos by myself in a dark room. I also spent a great deal of time researching types of cameras, large format, medium format, pinhole, spy cameras, but all of which were extremely unfeasible on my budget. I looked around for Polaroid cameras, the local dealer Ashraf.co no longer stocked the cameras or film. The next best thing i believe would be disposable cameras! Not to find a place in Kuwait that still sells them.

2 Responses to “Flavorwire: Cultural News and Critique from Flavorpill”

  1. Shli7f said

    the airport or TSC Salmiya up top i would think….hit Ace, A to Z, True Value and those joints…deff will find what ur looking for…

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