2010 Chevrolet Camaro hits our streets!

September 8, 2009

A few weeks back i heard from a friend of mine that the new 2010 Camaro had finally landed in Kuwait. It took another few days for pictures to surface, and over at 248am.com, Mark posted a video of the new Camaro at the Chevrolet dealer at Safat Alghanim in Rai.

I passed by this morning on my way out of The Avenues Mall to have a look at it. Or as i like to say, passed by to check out the competition to my 2008 Ford Mustang GT.

I had heard from friends of mine that the new Camaro is one of those cars that looks stunning in photos but in real life was a little bit bland, or more that it lacked a WOW! factor. And sure enough, at first sight, the car was not exactly spectacular. A walk around the car close up shows the many flaws in design and what i would believe to be the result of an accelerated design; Chevrolet didn’t exactly take their time with the design of the new Ro’, they wanted to get it onto the streets before Ford had a chance to get their new Mustangs out.

I must admit, the rear fender and stance really gives the car an overwhelming sense sheer size. The thing is simply huge compared to the Mustang, to add to that, i have already parked my car next to a 2009 Dodge Challenger for comparison; the competitors to the Mustang are much larger than i expected, and much larger than Ford’s little pony.

A quick glance around the car and then into the interior. All it takes to determine how utterly pathetic the Chevrolet Camaro stands is a tug at the drivers side door handle. The thing felt like two tonnes of plastic glued together with PVC. I shook the door like a bag of pretzels, the thing is really made with little to no respect to quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, give the interior plastics a tap or two and you can really tell the difference between the interior of a Mustang and the Camaro. Its hard to tell where such a plastic feeling car hides 200 extra kilograms more than the Mustang.

I frequently read news of call backs for the new Camaro on everything from their brakes squeaking and failing to transmission issues and rebuilds, and it makes it seem like Chevrolet really outdid themselves in the rubbish factor on this one.

I was with a friend of mine at the dealership and he was quick to point out that the bad quality interior i was complaining about is exactly the same as my Ford Mustang, but it only seems that way at first sight. I told him to head down to the Ford Al-Wazzan dealership to check out the new Mustang’s stance, quality and price and compare it for himself and so we did! And as soon as we got there, it didnt take long for him to admit the Fords were much better built, looked much better and overall were worth a great deal more than the Chevys.

The basic Chevrolet Camaro V6 costs 9690KD, with i dont know what options exactly, and the top of the range model will set you back 14800+ KD with the SS options, the OHV 6.2L LS3 420bhp V8 and an automatic transmission.

The 2010 Ford Mustang GT in its most basic options will set you back 12’400KD and for that you get a 4.6L V8 with 316bhp mated to a manual transmission, 19 inch alloy wheels, a glasspack panoramic roof, two toned leather seats with an interior upgrade package, parking sensors and a rear view camera hooked up to the center rear view mirror (in reverse gear the mirror will act as a screen for the camera). For an automatic its an extra 500KD or so, which sets you back 12’899KD and for a convertible you got to cash up 14’999KD. That is a great deal of money for the little pony car but i figure it is the best of the three.

To sum up, i think this latest Camaro will only give Ford a run for its money if straight line speed is all what you are looking for. But to compare customer satisfaction, reliability, build quality, fuel economy, and overall performance and handling, the Chevrolet stands at the back of the line.

Chevrolet have a year now to gain sales on the new Mustang and hopefully they will attempt to fix the build quality to give people a bit more bang for buck. But come November 2011, Ford roles out the 2012 Mustang equipped with an all new 300+ bhp V6 or the choice of an also all new 5.0L DOHC Coyote V8 braking 420hp and rumor has it that it might even have a 6-speed manual transmission as standard and will be available with a suspension upgrade that could put a BMW M3 to shame in the twisties.

Come the 2012 Mustang, Chevrolet will really have some problems then.


4 Responses to “2010 Chevrolet Camaro hits our streets!”

  1. 7amanito said

    you sure about the convertible being 15K KD?
    daaymmnn… this will cancel my plans man! it’s way too much for a Mustang!

  2. Shli7f said

    Hmmm..yabeela walla….JaZ, need to take your car out again…miss driving a stick shift car…i’ll see you 2day anyway…:P…

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