Sunshine (2007)

September 7, 2009

Months back I read an article The 10 most visually stunning movies of the last 10 years!

When I first read the list, I had already seen The Fountain, Transformers, Hero, 300, The Matrix Reloaded and Sin City and then started searching for copies of the rest.

The Fountain was a seriously visually stunning movie; it simply left me in awe of its magnificence. And not just with it’s imagery, the story was very well written, although slightly confusing at times. The Fall was almost as good, it was very well written, the locations where they filmed at were spectacular, but in short the movie felt to me a little bit incomplete for some reason, I was expecting a little bit more at the finale.

As far as the rest of the list is concerned, Transformers was entertaining, Hero was fantastic and truly magnificent, everything from the soundtrack to the story, The Matrix Trilogy is a fave of mine and i didn’t care for Sin City too much.

The first movie I watched of the list around two months back was The Fall and last night I watched Sunshine.

I am the type that gets connected with films, and when a movie is good enough can seriously change my day and mood, and equally fuck it up if its shit. Sunshine was no different, it truly made my day.

Sunshine was directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, The Beach and 28 Days later) and stars Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later, Batman Begins) and Rose Byrne (Knowing, 28 Weeks Later) and reads a story of the human race 50 years in the future. In it, our Sun, the star of our solar system, has shutdown and the human race in a desperate fight for survival, has created a ship to send it’s crew to the Sun and restart it’s dying heart. It is an apocalyptic/end-of-the-world/Armageddon story detailing the need for synergy within the human race when faced with extinction, similar to The Core, The Day the Earth Stood Still or maybe even Watchmen.

The story revolves around the crew of ‘Ikarus 2’, the second ship sent to the sun on this mission. It’s a well-written story, I was actually literally at the edge of my seat during many scenes in the movie. At the beginning it is not very predictable in which direction the story was heading, their mission seemed very straight forward, they were to head to the sun and set of a plasma bomb in the center of its heart. A little into the movie, the crew goes into complications surround the failure of ‘Ikarus 1’. And without ruining it any further, the story gets a little complicated towards the end of the movie but there are no unpredictable twists or anything. Straightforward and entertaining.

It has a great soundtrack and utterly breathtaking cinematography. A movie I say is a must watch for anybody with any form of eyes and ears.


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