xD @ Porsche Dad

September 3, 2009

This afternoon i went over to the Al-Dabous Car Wash, got my car washed for the first time in a few months. I have just replaced the front windshield so it needed to be cleaned. Ive also just got 4 new tires, and replaced my disk rotors and pads all around.

The stock tires were Pirelli P-Zero Nero 235/55/17ZR, they have great ride comfort, quiet, but give shit grip, fortunately they are relatively cheap and came on the car stock. They didn’t give me much tread life, 16’000kms to be precise, and then i had to change them. The first time i replaced them i went for Sumitomo HTR Z II 275/55/17 ZR, they are much wider, but the overall circumference is around 5.6% smaller, so the car did travel slower than my speedometer was actually saying, and i tested it on the street with a friend of mine, when my speedo said 130km his said a little over 120km. The Sumitomo’s were amazing, they handled great, gave great grip and tread life lasted me 30’000km, and with daily abuse. And i mean DAILY, on those tires i never slowed down for turns. But its been a year and i wanted to go back to the regular ride height and normal driving so i went back for Pirelli’s.

For my brakes i went for Motorcraft OEM pads, but changed my rotors to bda (Brake Disk Australia). The are basically they same as the stock ones, same size, i doubt the steel they use is any different, but there are drilled and slotted. From the feel of them after driving the car for a whole week, they are shit. Braking distance has increased slightly and they feel really woolly, i just hope they have a longer bedding period and process. :/

After an hour or so at the car wash i took a quick cruise along the Arabian Gulf Street. The streets were busy but calm. I had the AC and music both blasting, but as i approached a stop light i lowered my windows, shut of my AC and got ready for a quick gallop between the Marina Mall traffic light and the Salmiya Palace lights.

As soon as i stopped at the lights, a beautiful red 2010 Porsche Carrera pulls up right next to me, he has the windows down and is cruising with his kids, maybe for a little entertainment just before Futoor. The kids were smiling so i smiled back. And just as i looked away i over heard the kids tell their dad; “baba shof sayarta a7la min sayartik shof”.

I couldn’t stop laughing, and still cant get the smile off my face. God bless children. Those kids really made my day.


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