September 2, 2009

Last year i spent a great deal of time with a friend of mine searching for the many different forms of graffiti art/vandalism all over Kuwait, for his graduation thesis he studied the styles and buildings surrounding them. To our surprise, when we became aware of its existence in Kuwait, by simple looking around at almost any traffic intersection we could find some paint sprayed on a wall. And after a while we could identify graffiti gangs, artists, imitators, styles, and paint types. By simply observing this art from a distance we learned a great deal about it.

Two days ago i stumbled upon this and thought ide share it on this blog.
S.F. Street Art Mecca to be Demolished in September

I find abandoned complexes and structures oddly calming and tranquil, maybe its the absence of humans? Its slightly saddening to see this place get torn down.
We have a small place in front of Salmiya Palace and AUK on Salim Al-Mubarak Street with a similar atmosphere, an old primary school built sometime during the 70s. Other than the school’s current graffiti, it’s architecture is actually pretty cool and although it’s no where near as big as the S.F. place, its well worth a site if your into anything human. The location has been fenced off and is about to be demolished, but that shouldnt stop the creatives. I will search my hard drives for any photographs i may have of the Salmiya school complex.

Now that they are tearing the Salmiya place down, i wonder where the vandals will move to?


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  1. Amazing photos, well done.

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