Things to do while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green

August 24, 2009

1. Sit in your car endlessly staring into the red light, concentrate on it’s redness and focus your energy on turning it off and making the lights turn green,
2. Question the existence and importance of traffic lights and their very being, try to imagine how horrific the world would be without them and how your life would be effected if you ran the red light,
3. Dig into your nostrils in search for Gold, Myrrh or Frankincense, (very popular amongst our fellow Indian drivers),
4. Flip through every radio station, there may be a great song on any radio station or perhaps even an entertaining comedic program on Marina FM,
5. Check your side mirrors and center mirror, re-align them in an effort to gain a broader view of the world behind you,
6. Shuffle through your iPod for a song you haven’t heard in a while,
7. Plan the remainder of your journey through the streets so as not to get stuck in another boring traffic light,
8. Search your car for lost items, beneath the seats and behind your front seats, I found 41 empty and half full bottles of water once, the next day I found another 13,
9. Curiously look around into neighboring cars at the men, women, boys and girls, you may find someone you know or get a glance at an epically hot women or man, depending on what tickles your fancy,
10. If you are on your way to see someone, give them a call to find out how close they are to you and your allocated destination,
11. Pretend you are in the presence of the Queen Elizabeth; tell her about your ideas on how to make the world a better place,
12. If you are at the front of the lights, stay in first gear anticipating the GO! Signal, as if you are Michael Schumacher in race and are in the pit stops for a quick refuel and tire change,
13. Cuss the fuck out of the guy on your right or left for the fun of it.


4 Responses to “Things to do while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green”

  1. caffarel said

    14. in case if HOWE is on the traffic lights and i was behind him… of course he will shift the gear to R and he’ll will try to hit my car as long as we are on the red lights !! aw ey6eq el-esharah maltah yemen oo yesar !!!
    15. in case if HOWE is on the traffic lights and i was in the front of him… lazem eytarrek eb wayhe !! plus the same thing ma3a el esharah !! Yemen+Yesar !!!

  2. Shli7f said

    16. Shuffle through ur iPod again till you get to MJ’s “Don’t stop till you get enough”, give it full blast and start singing whilst slowly realizing people are staring at you and thinking you’re as nutty as a snickers bar.

  3. Shli7f said

    17. Roll the window down and ask the person in the car next to you this question; but in a gangsta/rap song 2Pac style tone of voice:

    “How wud youu feeeel ?”

  4. bumo said

    Caffarel, if you see HOWE just smash him

    Shli7f, im gonna try number 16 tonight!

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