! Ramadhan

August 24, 2009

I would like to congratulate you all on the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Vimto. Take your time to enjoy the ridiculous, disrespectful and disgusting comedy of Dawuud Hussain, and the extreme melodramatic tragedies of Hayat AlFahad and her friends. May god bless you all on your way home from work; screaming at jackass drivers as a result of low glucose, nicotine and IQ levels. Have fun shopping for Eid clothes; buy that skimpy dress, shake whatcha mama gave ya honey, you have to get your cousins to swim in envy.

I can’t wait to leave my home for a morning, afternoon, or a night cruise, perhaps even for work related meeting, only to find the streets filled with grumpy people and crushed up cars. And please don’t forget to clog up every street and alley on the last ten days; you know what they say, prayer on the last ten days of Ramadhan equals eternal paradise… + in Ramadhan its cool to pray; don’t be a fag, pray. Park anywhere and everywhere, just not in the Mosque and especially not in parking lots! Fuck paying your respects to the local traffic system; God doesn’t give a shit about civilization on Earth, fuck Earth! As long as you are praying to him in the Grand Holy Mosque, he’s aight.

Ramadhan; late starting and short working hours FTW!

Just last night, 8:50pm I left my home on what I had planned to be a short trip to Kuwait University’s Khaldiya campus. I like to time things perfectly; the plan was to leave home at nine, bolt to Khaldiya and be there by 9:10pm, get the stuff I needed within a 3-4 minute time frame and like a flash of lightning be at the Society of Engineers for their Annual Open Day events by 9:30pm. My personal record, is 7 minutes for the 18km journey from the doorstep of my home to 5KH’s doors in Khaldiya University Campus and was set, half an hour past fotoor during the end of Ramadhan mid-September 2006. On average it doesn’t take me more than 9-12 minutes to complete the driving course. And if I stick by the local government speed limit I can maintain an average speed of approximately 47km/h over the 18km distance, covering traffic light stops, zoning speed limits, sharp corners and humanize driving styles, it should never take me more than 20mins. Unfortunately, as a result of the horrible human behavior during this holy month of Ramadhan; last night, I got to Khaldiya campus at 9:46pm, only to find the doors of 5KH locked shut. (And yes I am that retentive on timing myself.)

On my way, there were two car accidents that rendered the roads completely redundant (one of which wasn’t even on the same road I was) and there were a few police cars parked on the hard shoulder with no form of hullabaloo surrounding them whatsoever, nevertheless people still felt the need to slow down in anticipation of momentary entertainment (it is not clear whether these people were really slowing down to observe the pretty police, their cars and their flashing lights or from fear of obtaining a speeding ticket for doing 120km/h in a 120km/h zone…).

To make matters worse, I was on my way home at 1am, all the roads from the first ring road way towards my house in Salwa were bumper-to-bumper packed! There wasn’t one street that I didn’t have to shift down to 1st gear on, and not one highway I didn’t come to a complete halt in. It was ridiculous.

I fucking hate this month. All it does is make shitty useless human beings even shittier, more dangerous, and reckless!

Would it be too much to ask… for people to act normally? Well not normally, that too much for these retards… i mean like the rest of the year…


5 Responses to “! Ramadhan”

  1. Shli7f said

    I agree with you totally !!! the shitty thing is, they give you this answer…”Shfeek, 3adi, el naas Ramathan…” <—- which boils my blood, because SHAKO ????

    I feel you cuz, i feel you…

    I suggest we buy 'Mack Titan' trailer heads and start playing bumper cars on those roads…:D check them out http://www.titanbymack.com seriously man, i want one of these…

  2. Toothfairy said

    Yeah well welcome to the soceity of : Keify ana Kuwaity!

    Everyone thinks they have the right to do whatever they want whenever they want and during this wholy month they just over do it!!

    Just stay in your houses and pray there! No need to clog up the roads with ur fake religiousness… Spirtituality starts from the inside…be better citizens… improve ur manners and hold ur temper.. pay some attention to your children and wives…eat moderatley and above all stop buring your money like it grows on trees and then ask the governemnt to pay off ur debts for you!
    Everything doesnt have to go your way ALL THE TIME!
    That’s life.. get over it and be a better human for a change!
    But I guess for any of all this to make sense you’ve gotto have a brain thats a bit bigger than a sheeps’ right?! Oh well…..

  3. bumo said

    Shli7f if it were up to me ide slaughter every single person who slows down to speeds lower than 80km/h on a highway and completely humiliate every asshole who thinks he owns the road but ur Titan Mack idea will just have to do until further notice. Bas shfeek, 3adi man, inas Ramathan?! Like the few hours since the day before Ramathan made a difference?!

    Toothfairy, I think this is the only country in the world whose nationals throw hissy fits at the government when it doesnt give them what they want :Pathetic

  4. caffarel said

    hatha el-waqe3 !!!
    3ala bo alla7eq 3ala “9alat el-tarawe7” a’9ayeq 5alq allah and I park anywhere !! ya3ne enta tabe et9ale oo ta3bed rabbik bas bel-9alat oo bel-moqabel milion wa7ed qam yad3e 3alaik !!
    eshfaydat 9alatek etha el-kel qam yad3e 3alaik !!!! mo eyqolik do3a2 el-ma’6lom mostajab !!

    Abe marra amshe in the 4th ring-road bedon ma eykon fee 7adeth !!! el-moshkellah enna el-da3mah waaaaaaayed sa5eeeefah !! wa7ed mad3om men wara oo ma7ed da3em men jeddam ! F*** You roo7 el-ma5far oo 5ala9 !! it doesn’t need a police officer to tell you what to do !! a9lan el-sher6e ma ra7 yel7aqek 7aq el-ma5far !!! fee wa7ed yeshte’3el bel-ma5far esmah “mo7aqqeq” tell him the truth oo 5ala9 ! if you want to lie in how the accident happened fee wa7ed thane yeshte’3el bel-ma5far esmah “5abeer fanne” he will find the truth. hatha 3ashan el-some stupid A”holes elle they doesn’t know that !!

    tra hal-shay mawjood all the year bas in ramadhan ey9eer ebzooooooooood… it’s all about Kuwaiti stupid mind !! [WARCRAFT ;) ]

    yeah you are right bumo… and thanx for the nice article :)

  5. Shli7f said

    I Like turtles…

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