Kuwait vs. Civilization

August 20, 2009

In the year 2007, I heard of a statistic conducted by a fellow student in Kuwait University. She studied the working days put down by government municipalities in that year (this includes public and private schools and universities). The results were shocking! And at the same time not that shocking considering the state of the country. I was told, that out of the 365 days in 2007, only 186 of which were workdays. To put that in simpler numbers for you, that’s 50.9%. I sat thinking, if only 186 were official workdays, how many working hours were really conducted?

Average working hours per day for government municipalities are lets say 8am-2pm, so roughly 6 hours a day? Lets leave it at six for the sake of the ones that don’t have to do six by law and the ones that do eight or more.

How many of the public workers are really getting to work at 8am? I myself am late to school almost every other day or sometimes every two days. I’m pretty sure the traffic towards anywhere you are going at 9am means at least half the country is late for work. So lets say most arrive an hour or less late.

How many really stay till 2pm? When I leave from Khaldiya campus at 1pm heading towards my home in Salwa the streets are always jam-packed! Even before I get on the road!! So where are all these people coming from…? As far as I know, Private sector jobs are 9am-5pm jobs, so why so many cars on the road so early? Lets assume half of those are drivers taking kids from school and the other half are government employees skiving off work early to get home early because they are tired.
So we arrive to work an hour late, and some leave an hour early. In a six-hour day that leaves 4 hours for working. I would say an hour or so are spent having breakfast, brunch or chatting to their colleagues and checking their facebook pages.

We are down to 3 hours. Lets multiply 3hours by 5 working days a week; the result is a 15 working-hour week per employee for the average government employee. Its no wonder the country is so backwards.

Now my calculations are just assumptions, and extremely inaccurate but I wouldn’t throw them out of the window just yet. I mean look at our parliament, how long do they spend time arguing unresolved issues that any 10 year old can take care of in 10 minutes? If this country wants to change, it is going to need a stronger, dedicated and patriotic work force, because Rome wasn’t built on a 15hour work-week.

I would love to see the real statistic of Kuwait’s work force and maybe one including and separating the statistics of private sector corporations, but I’m guessing the guy responsible for them is probably one of the lazy patriots…

To wrap things up for you, I’ve included a link to an international study conducted by the BillShrinkGuy showing the working-hours per week of different nations all around the world. Do you see something in common between the rising nations, superpowers and developed civilizations? Do you see what sets us apart from civilization?

God bless Germany for being so efficient.



2 Responses to “Kuwait vs. Civilization”

  1. rossoneri91 said

    why are u saying germany is so efficient?

    • bumo said

      Because even though they only average of 27 hours, which is a relatively shorter work week than all the other countries, they still managed to create a super-infrastructure. And evidently a superior civilization. It’s efficiency is what gives it it’s strong economic, social and cultural status.

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