Glowinthedarkathon Pt2

August 18, 2009

Light, is the shit yo!

Ive always wanted to get a tattoo, i figure if they look great, why not use them to make yourself look even better, kinda like ornamentation for your body? Ive heard horror stories about screwed up tattoos, infections, and saggy skin later in life, non of that managed to turn me off. Also heard people telling me about the professionalism of having a tattoo at work, you gotta conceal it blah blah blah or get it somewhere on your body that isnt visible to everybody. But! This latest tattoo ink changes everything…!!! Thats if you’re into glow in the dark stuff like i am.


4 Responses to “Glowinthedarkathon Pt2”

  1. rossoneri91 said

    so where can u get these done?

  2. Toothfairy said

    wooow! Thats soo koool! And so convenient! So what pic would u get? and where??

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