The coolest thing since glow sticks

August 17, 2009

At first it looks like a regular glowing thing right? Well dont get overly excited, it is, just a glowing tape.
But can you think of uses for this other than the obvious glow stick like parties?
Would be pretty cool to see this as wallpaper.

And it kinda reminds me of this.
Maybe the tape could be used as glow in the dark Foil-A-Car?
Or glow in the dark pin-striping?

A link to the products homepage

2 Responses to “The coolest thing since glow sticks”

  1. swaleff said

    this is so cool… where I can get that from?

  2. bumo said

    Im trying to think of what i could use it for other than the obvious P.A.R.T.Y. PARTAAAAY!!! :P

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