St. Vincent

August 8, 2009

I have problems sleeping.

And last nigh decided to turn on the tv in an attempt to fall asleep of boredom…

I turned on the David Letterman show and there was an interview with Raymond Romano from Everybody Loves Ray. Shortly afterwards there was a live performance for a musician named ‘St. Vincent’. I liked what i was hearing, i googled her name… the song she played was ‘Marrow’.

St. Vincent is an Indie Pop musician. Give it a go, i downloaded her last two albums and giving them a listen now.

I have a love for orchestrated music and musicians that use brass, wind, and string instruments in their music, as well as the piano. But my favorite has got to be the trumpet. I especially liked her facial expressions during the performance… they were intriguing.

I likes. Listening to her albums now, repetitive. I still likes.


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